Community Feed

The Redacted Files came about because we wanted to share our games with the world, and now we’d like to help you do the same. If you have a game you want to share with other people, we’d be happy to take it and upload it on our upcoming community feed, Excursions and Recursions. We’re still getting everything set up, but you can email John at for more information.

This community feed is a place for gaming groups to host their own actual play games without having to set up their own podcast. We will release episodes as we receive them, ideally every week, time and upload capacity permitting. These episodes will be screened by John to make sure they are up to TRF audio quality and content standards. We’d really like to see one-shots and demos of established games or standout episodes of your in home or online campaign.

No sexual assault or violence against children, racism, sexism, ableism, trans/homophobia, including slurs or epithets. If you have any doubts, ask. We’re all adults, but common sense should apply: your kids, coworkers, or employer might hear this some day.

We will put a short clip at the beginning and end of each episode that introduces it being part of the TRF community feed, and guidance on where to find TRF online, as well as instructions for the listener to submit their own recordings.

We would appreciate it if you did a minimal amount of cleaning up the track, like removing bio breaks and long silences. The best tool for editing is Audacity. It’s free, easy to use, and there’s tons of tutorials. If you have a varying amount of volume in your track, you can try out Levelator, which helps even out your levels. If you really want to learn about making a AP podcast, you should check out Swordnut Radio’s interview with us and James D’Amato. We leave the level of editing up to you though!

Still Working on Developing
-Links to recording equipment/recommendations