Friends of the Show

The Redacted Files has been lucky to be able to collaborate with a bunch of amazing people online.

Peculiar Books is the publishing company Megan and Aser have started with Mike and Matt Goldrich, and we have a lot of plans for great products coming soon. You can follow us on Twitter for updates or visit our website for more information.

Misfits of Space features TRF crew member Kim, as well as other guests Danielle and Nicole. This is the story of five bad-ass women thrown together by fate a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  After some mishaps, mistaken identities, and misadventures, they’ve joined forces with the Rebellion to play their part in taking down the Galactic Empire. You can find them on twitter as well!

MAMS Gaming is an independent gaming group run by Matt and Mike Goldrich, who play in our Not So Strange campaign. In 2016, Aser and Megan are joining them to run games at Gen Con! Interested in learning more? Check out their website. Or come find us at Gen Con this year.

Riverhouse Games currently features  The Game Closet, a show that focuses on LGBT+ members of the gaming community. You can also find a treasure trove of games by Taylor on Itch! We’re so lucky to have these guys as our podcast friends and you should check them out online or on Twitter @LeviathanFiles.

Fandible is an amazing AP podcast that it probably doesn’t take much effort to see how much they inspire us on TRF. Featuring an ever cycling option of game systems consistently for over five years, you can find almost anything you want in their feed. From Hollow Earth to the creepy horror of the Billyverse, to one shots in whatever catches their interest, you can count on Fandible to provide you with what you want to hear. They’ve added two additional podcasts campaigns to their line up as well, the Long Shot Numenera campaign and Solo Shot Star Wars Force and Destiny game. Check them out online or on Twitter.