Mysteries of the Ninth World

Our longest running campaign, Mysteries of the Ninth World starts with the pre-written adventure “The Devil’s Spine” and includes a side adventure based on “Beyond All Worlds” and will continue with original material. Megan is the GM for this game and is joined by Aser, Ash, Landan, and Shaunna. John plays in the side adventure.

After agreeing to house sit for a local baron while he assists the Amber Pope in a war to the North, the party finds he has dark secrets under his house. While exploring two members of the party become the host for parasitic worms. This sets the group on the path to find a way to rid themselves of their parasites.

In Beyond All Worlds, three criminals are tossed in hell as a punishment for their crimes. What they discover their has repercussions for the Ninth World at large.

You can find these episodes here.

House Rules:
-You  can get additional damage in addition to a minor/major effect on a roll of 19/20

Character Sheets

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