Episode Delay!

Sorry guys – we’re running low on space on LibSyn and we’re battling some significant audio problems, so the next episode won’t be out until the 1st. We’re going to be done with what we have recorded on a single track soon and we’ll be in much better shape. We’ll also be getting more space as we start our new feed! I can’t wait to  release this episode – I think it’s one of my favorites for the Not So Strange campaign.


Announcing New Podcast Feed: TRF Excursions and Recursions

It was just about a year ago that The Redacted Files was busily maturing from a good idea for a single campaign of D20 Modern into the multi-headed beast that it is today: as some of us fell in love with providing people with the Cthulhu mythos sprinkled into a number of systems and settings, along with the theme of a few brave if flawed heroes trying to protect their people from secrets better left undiscovered. Fast forward to today and find us in the middle of several ongoing campaigns and cranking out a steady stream of one shots, introducing that special TRF twist wherever we can.

We’re not content doing the same thing over and over though, and so we’re launching a new feed for games that don’t necessarily have to include Lovecraftian elements, but that our cast wants to dabble in nonetheless. We hope you’ll join us as we experience staples like Pathfinder, community favorites like Fiasco and Final Girl, and hot new titles like Night’s Black Agents. We also plan on trying to be the first out there with actual plays of new games (including many that Megan has kickstarted over the last year) to give you our take on some wonderful new releases coming down the line.

And fear not, The Redacted Files proper is going strong with plenty more Numenèra and The Strange soon to feature added mythos goodness, more indy horror and loads of Trail of Cthulhu, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition and perhaps a bit more of an old crowd pleaser in the works.


For now, expect TRF Excursions and Recursions to be out within a month or so with a playthrough of Pathfinder’s epic Rise of the Runelords campaign. Our very own Megan Peterson will be delivering one super-sized experience, with no fewer than six members in the regular party for A Rune Awakening. This group of veteran players includes podcast newcomers Patrick West, James Austin, Jonn Perry, TRF fan Tassia Accioly, as well as returning cast members Landan Smith and Aser Tolentino.

The current plan is to alternate between releases each week. This will mean less mythos, but more games overall. These plans aren’t set in stone though and we’re always open to offers of help to get more done quicker.

We’re very excited to be bringing you new games more often, offering greater diversity and quality in the experiences we share, and hope you’ll enjoy them with us.

January Release Schedule

Office Space

What are we playing this month?

January 10, 2105Mysteries of the Ninth World Episode 6: Return to Uxphan
The party makes their way back to Uxphan to rest up and decide what task to accomplish next.

January 20, 2015Unraveling of the Ninth World Episode 2: Hell is Other People
Our group of criminals decides how to deal with Mungrun and his friends in No Hope.

January 30, 2015Final Girl: Dead After Hours
Something goes horribly wrong at the annual office party, as usual.

December Release Schedule

Beyond All Worlds

What are we playing this month?

December 8, 2014Unraveling of the Ninth World Episode 1: Go to Hell, Do Not Pass Go
Three criminals are thrown into Hell as a punishment for their crimes. Will they be able to push past their selfish desires to work together and escape this prison? Or will they be stuck in Hell forever?

December 18, 2014Not So Strange Episode 2: The Subtle Approach
Using information obtained from the bank fiasco, the group sets out to find who is behind the destruction of the Quiet Cabal headquarters on Earth. They find more then they bargained for.

December 28, 2014Lovecraftian Shorts: Gnarly Endings
We try out a new system and come up with our own Lovecraftian horror story, in which horror comes from the sea.

November Release Schedule

What are we playing this month?

Agents of the Estate
Image from The Strange RPG

November 8, 2014Not So Strange 1: Damn it! There will be action!
Our newest campaign introduces new players Matt and Mike to the TRF line up and establishes Aser as a GM. Two Estate Agents with a curious connection become involved when a Rukek member of the Quiet Cabal is attacked at a bank in downtown Seattle.

November 18, 2014Mysteries of the Ninth World 5: Climb to Ignominy
The party says some goodbyes as they make their way to top of the tower to destroy the Insidious Choir.

November 28, 2014Final Girl: Dead After Hours
An office party goes terribly wrong when a star vampire gets involved.

Sorry for the Delay

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on releasing episodes. Usually we manage to get things done at just the last minute, but both editors have now been taken out by colds. We’ll have the finale for TRF up by Wednesday, and we’ll probably bump the rest of the schedule back a bit too so we can get back on our feet. We can’t wait for you to hear this episode!


October Release Schedule

What are we playing this month?

Dimensional Shambler by Caberwood
Image by Caberwood

October 2 and 6, 2014The Strange: The Curious Case of Tom Mallard
Two agents accept an easy mission to show a newbie the ropes. Things go….terribly wrong. This session got a little long, so we’re releasing it in two parts!

October 14, 2014Numenera Episode 4: A Walk to Forget
After meeting some new allies and making a new enemy, the adventurers make their way to the tower.

October 24, 2014The Redacted Files, Episode 4: PX Poker Night Part 4
The exciting conclusion to our initial adventure, the team finally begins to band together in attempt to escape the base.

September Release Schedule

What are we playing this month? Our TRF editors are still on vacation!

September 4, 2014Fiasco: Bookhounds of London
Trying to get even with that shite Aleister Crowley causes some problems.

September 14, 2014The Redacted Files, Episode 3: PX Poker Night Part 3
We find out just how good the members of the party are at playing poker. Oh, and some answers about the mysterious van and the annoying buzzing.

September 24, 2014Mysteries of the Ninth World Episode 3: What’s a little mutation between friends?
Our fearless adventurers, led by an even more fearless Marcus Custer continue East to find the Insidious Choir. Maybe they should have stayed home though…

August Release Schedule

What will we be playing this month?

August 5, 2014Old Gods of the North, Episode 3: Rats on a Sinking Ship Part 2
The group reaches the ship in search of a stolen idol. However, there are more then sailors aboard.

August 15, 2014Mysteries of the Ninth World Episode 2: Meet the Parent
Our fearless crew venture further into the caves to find answers about the parasites attached to Ilvarya and Titania.

August 25, 2014The Redacted Files, Episode 3: PX Poker Night Part 3
We find out just how good the members of the party are at playing poker. Oh, and some answers about the mysterious van and the annoying buzzing.

July Release Schedule

Here is our anticipated release schedule for the month of July

July 6, 2014 Mysteries of the Ninth World, Episode 1: The Seskii, The Nano, and the Egg Chamber
Welcome to the Ninth World in our very first session of Numenèra. A disparate group of adventurers sign up for a cushy job only to find themselves on an epic quest when someone opens the wrong door.

July 16, 2014The Redacted Files, Episode 2: PX Poker Night Part 2
Our investigators encounter their worst enemy yet: themselves.

July 26, 2014Old Gods of the North, Episode 2: Rats on a Sinking Ship Part 1
After a strange idol is stolen from a museum in Portland, Maine, our investigators try to find a man as ugly as sin.