The Story Behind the Stories

The Redacted Files began with a group of people who met on Twitter brainstorming about a campaign based on the Pagan Publishing scenario PX Poker Night for the game Delta Green. What quickly developed was a project to podcast actual play sessions from a diverse set of campaigns and one-shot scenarios featuring some elements of either mythos horror or cloak and dagger espionage that underlay the original concept. In each case, we seek to begin our time with a game by running new characters through a published scenario as a springboard to a new world of exploration and adventure. From the initial gaming group that set out to record The Redacted Files proper, the team has grown to include more then a dozen other people who’ve come on-board for a game, a campaign or the whole crazy ride. If you have suggestions, comments, questions, or other feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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The Cast:

Aser Tolentino (@aser_tolentino, Episodes)
Megan Peterson (@curium247, Episodes)
John d’Auteuil (@mainemoosetrax, Episodes)

Michael L. (@OneGamingLane, Episodes) Hear more from Mike on Cthulhu and Friends
Nika (@Nika_Howard, Episodes) Hear more from Nika on Drunks and Dragons
Shaunna (@CallMeShaunna, Episodes)
Ashleigh (@ShadowbrookAsh, Episodes)
Landan (@Solemn_Lyrian, Episodes)
Jeff (@JeffreyADeWolfe, Episodes)
Matt G. (@Karilmat, Episodes) Hear more from Matt at Mams Gaming
Mike G. (@MamsMike, Episodes) Hear more from Mike at Mams Gaming
Rob (@ZombieSlag, Episodes) Hear more from Rob on Firefly Podcast
Tassia (@itsmetherogue, Episodes)
Jonn P. (@sleypy, Episodes)
James (@thac0gm, Episodes)
Patrick (@lilstone621, Episodes)
Phil (@skrivener, Episodes)
Brian (@steamboat77, Episodes) Read more from Brian at Thursday Morning D&D
Matthew W. (@hypomodern, Episodes)
Zack (@zkline, Episodes)
Eli (@EMcConachie, Episodes)
Damali (@GamerDamali, Episodes) Check out Damali’s jewelry on Etsy and Facebook!
Mike P. (@HApenguinHA, Episodes)
Chuck (@Nightmage61, Episodes)
Uriah (@travlersdepot, Episodes)
Alex (@TruthAM, Episodes) Hear more from Alex on Firefly Podcast
Taylor (@LeviathanFiles, Episodes) Hear more from Taylor on The Leviathan Files
yssa (@Feverwood, Episodes)
Mike D. (@tokkan, Episodes)
Jeromy (@wgahnagl, Episodes)
Rob D. (@booday, Episodes)
Bran (Episodes)
Ben (@waptor75, Episodes)

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