A heartfelt Thank You two years later ^(;,;)^

Sign reading no trespassing in this building with no building pictured behind

New TRF Headquarters

Two years ago today, the people behind TRF Podcast had just pushed the button and sent our first episode into the wild. Since then we have entertained literally dozens of people with our special blend of intrigue, suspense, and certain amount of tongue in cheek. It has been a pleasure to share our adventures at the table with you all and we would like to thank everyone who has made TRF the success it has become.

Special thanks to our cast members: John D., Michael L., Nika, Shaunna, Ashleigh, Landan, Jeff, Matt G., Mike G., Rob, Tassia, Jonn P., James, Patrick, Phil, Brian, Matthew W., Zack, Eli, Damali, Mike P., Chuck, Uriah, Alex, and Taylor.

And a huge thank you to our Patrons: Lord Tentacle, Nyssa, Philip, Gus, Jeromy, Angela, Stuart, Mike B., Mike J., Second Thought Games, Jonn, Terryan, Patrick, Landan, Dogface, Specs AK, Damon, Nathan, John, and Michael.

We couldn’t do any of this without you!

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