October Release Schedule

an alien face, mottled and decayed looking stares out with large, bat-like ears

What are we playing this month?

October 1, 2017Mysteries of the Ninth World 25: New Worlds
In this final installment of our campaign, the adventurers find their way to the center of hell, where they must confront Dagon long enough to spring their trap in the Hall of Worlds.

October 8, 2017Beyond the Threshold 12: An Offer We Should Refuse
Having obtained more information the scope of the conspiracy, the team receives an offer of an alliance from an unexpected quarter, and a threat of a fate worse than death from an entirely expected one.

October 15, 2017 – Beyond the Threshold 13: Chokehold
It’s campaign season in Los Angeles, where the team must work to avert the assassination of the president of the United States. As a historical note, this game was recorded in early 2016.

October 22, 2017Beyond the Threshold 14: The Plan
The team follow the conspiracy to Big Sky Country, and find that the worst monsters are just like them. Well, actually, they are them.

October 29, 2017Beyond the Threshold 15: We Brought Our Own Fan
In the explosive finale to Beyond the Threshold, the team trace the evil back to its source, where they plan to destroy it once and for all. What could possibly go wrong?

October 31, 2017Delta Green: Shimmering Sands
Aser runs a one-on-one Delta Green session for Megan, where she learns not everything is as it appears.

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