December Release Schedule

What are we playing this month?

December 3, 2017Only War 10: Daemon Engines
The squad just needs to make it past a few more war machines to reach their objective. Unfortunately, these things have a little more flessh and blood than your average walker, and seem to be somewhat angrier too.

December 10, 2017Only War 11: 1054th Vostroyan Void Shrikes
The squad receives desperately needed reinforcements. Unfortunately, so does the enemy, and theirs are bigger.

December 17, 2017Only War 12: Don’t Tase Me Bro
The squad has the enemy outnumbered. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to concern the enemy — a Chaos Tech Marine — all that much.

December 24, 2017Kringle Force: Christmas Special
We haven’t recorded this yet, but we’re sure the crew behind A Rune Awakening are sorry nonetheless.

December 31, 2017Curse of the Masked Jackal 4: Red Tide
As with many adventures involving our intrepid heroes, this one involves a great deal of blood. Unlike most however, the blood seems a whole lot more ambulatory than usual.

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