The Redacted Files Podcast Network February 2020 Schedule

This month marks a return to trying new things as we play a game on Kickstarter, an indy release from one of the developers of Descent Into Midnight, a game from another podcast you may be familiar with and a celebration of another country’s holiday. We hope you enjoy all of that, as well as more of the newly returned Amber Clave.

Sunday, February 2: Decuma
This newly launched Kickstarter project aims to use tarot cards to help you build quick connections between your characters’ party and the world they’ll be adventuring in. We were thrilled to try it and had the chance to ask the designer a few questions.

Wednesday, February 5: The Amber Clave
The knot goes on a treasure hunt with their new octopus friend.

Sunday, February 9: Breakup on Reentry
Two rival mech pilots who are also lovers fight in the TRF Valentine’s Day Special.

Sunday, February 16: Family Day Special- Star Trek Edition
Has the USS Ophelia’s medical officer finally received his much sought after transfer? Will he still want to leave after this Family Day Special?

Wednesday, February 19: Amber Clave
The knot return to their previously scheduled journey south, but now there’s an assassination to thwart.

Sunday, February 23: Firefly: Into the Dark
The crew of Serenity learn that when something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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