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We wanted to announce that we have launched a page on Patreon to raise money to make the podcast better. We’ve worked very hard over the last half year to improve the quality of the episodes we release. Core cast members have paid for new hardware to make the show sound more professional, and invested more time in editing multi-track recordings of shows to deliver cleaner audio. We’ve also recently upped our bitrates, which results in higher bandwidth costs. In short, we’re in the red, by a fair bit.

We’d like to ask for your help so the people behind TRF can breathe a little easier about expenses. We’re definitely committed to continuing however this turns out though, and keeping TRF’s feed as prolific and free as it’s always been. If we get just a little help though, we’ll be able to justify spending more time on the project. With substantial support, we’ll be able to do more to make TRF bigger and better.

In exchange for your kind contributions, we’re working on special bonus content and ways you can have a hand in the show’s production. Want to get episodes as soon as they’re ready for release, hear names you’ve created used by our GMs, or have one of the cast GM a game for you and your friends? Then head over to our Patreon page. Just a small contribution can get you access to some neat stuff and help make TRF something we can all be proud to work on.

–Aser, John, Megan and the TRF Crew

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