Boom Boom Capone, A Short Story

This short story was written for the Infected! RPG by Immersion Games as a part of a contest with their Kickstarter.

My breathing was always so loud, especially after sprinting to cover. You would think five years of marathon walks, fast sprinting, and generally enforced cardio would make anyone an Olympic level athlete, but you’d be wrong. You’d think a lifestyle free of craft beer, pizza, and smoking anything would cure all that ails you, but you’d be wrong.

Some of us were too old and too soft when the world started it’s quick collapse into darkness and despair. Sure, everyone has lost weight. But some of us are just hungrier, thirstier, more stressed out versions of ourselves before the Infection; still dealing with a little asthma when we run, still feeling all the aches and pains of a suddenly much less sedentary lifestyle than we had ever imagined in our worst nightmares.

And make no mistake, this world had become everyone’s worst nightmare.

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