Peculiar Books Announcement

Peculiar Books logo, a P stacked on a BAser and I are so happy to announce that we’ve started a publishing company with Mike Goldrich and Matt Goldrich, who you will recognize from our Not So Strange campaign, Chronicle of Chronicles mini-campaign, and various one shots. Peculiar Books released our first product this weekend, Modern Types, a Cypher System supplement that introduces new types for a Modern setting. You can find Modern Types on DriveThruRPG.

We’re working hard to put out our next few supplements and will keep you up to date on what we come up with! You can also follow Peculiar Books on Twitter!

A huge thanks from Megan and Aser

Megan and Aser hold out a Cthulhu statue after their wedding.

Megan and Aser hold out a Cthulhu statue after their wedding.

Megan and Aser would like to thank all the people on social media that have sent them their best wishes and congratulations. We hope TRF has helped you find a fraction of the happiness it has spawned in us, for you would then be very happy indeed.

Megan is in the process of moving to California, to make it harder for them to electronically eavesdrop on the happy new couple’s whispered conspiracies, so the release schedule will be disrupted for a time yet. But oh dear reader, when the time is right… Well, that would be telling. ūüôā

TRF Updates!

We just wanted remind you about the Into the Ninth World kickstarter before it ends on Wednesday. You can find Into the Ninth World on Kickstarter.

We also did ¬†a crossover episode with the Leviathan Files! Megan ran Beyond All Worlds again, and introduced the Ninth World to a new group. It’s a fun episode and you can find it and the podcast here.

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DriveThruRPG Giveaway!


DriveThruRPG is the best site online to go to get any RPG you’re interested in. And now you have a chance to win a $50 gift card to spend on anything you want! We’re collaborating with BattleBards, Gamers Plane, Godsfall, MFGCast, Rolecasters, and Sword Nut Radio to bring you this giveaway. Just go here and enter!


Shop at DriveThruRPG!

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @
Hey Everyone,
We here at TRF love a website called DriveThruRPG, where the vast majority of our PDFs we use come from. The great news is that DTRPG has an affiliate program, which means we get benefits if you use our affiliate link to shop their site. Check it out using the banner above!


TRF Podcast on Stitcher!

Hey everyone! You can now find TRF on Stitcher if that’s where you listen to podcasts! If you are on Stitcher, we would really appreciate it if you could give us a rating and review, which will help other people find us.

Firefly Podcast: Balls and Bayonets Brigade

Hey faithful listeners!

We wanted to let you know about a new podcast you might be interested in. Aser is GM-ing a Firefly game on Firefly Podcast, and Megan and Rob join as players. This podcast will be coming out every other Wednesday and is on iTunes and Stitcher. You can find it online @FireflyPodcast¬†or Facebook. We have a lot of fun exploring the ‘verse and hope you’ll join us!

The Balls and Bayonets Brigade is a realplay podcast in the Firefly ‘verse using the Margaret Weis Productions Firefly RPG Cortex Plus system


Support TRF on Patreon

We wanted to announce that we have launched a page on Patreon to raise money to make the podcast better. We’ve worked very hard over the last half year to improve the quality of the episodes we release. Core cast members have paid for new hardware to make the show sound more professional, and invested more time in editing multi-track recordings of shows to deliver cleaner audio. We’ve also recently upped our bitrates, which results in higher bandwidth costs. In short, we’re in the red, by a fair bit.

We’d like to ask for your help so the people behind TRF can breathe a little easier about expenses. We’re definitely committed to continuing however this turns out though, and keeping TRF’s feed as prolific and free as it’s always been. If we get just a little help though, we’ll be able to justify spending more time on the project. With substantial support, we’ll be able to do more to make TRF bigger and better.

In exchange for your kind contributions, we’re working on special bonus content and ways you can have a hand in the show’s production. Want to get episodes as soon as they’re ready for release, hear names you’ve created used by our GMs, or have one of the cast GM a game for you and your friends? Then head over to our Patreon page. Just a small contribution can get you access to some neat stuff and help make TRF something we can all be proud to work on.

–Aser, John,¬†Megan and the TRF Crew

TRF Updates

Hello everyone!

We wanted to keep you updated on some exciting projects the TRF crew is involved in.

  • TRF Excursions and Recursions: We’re adding a new feed to TRF, and we’re going to be alternating releasing on each feed on Sundays, which means we’ll have a weekly schedule debuting on February 22nd! We’ll add additional iTunes and RSS feeds in case you only want to listen to one stream, but hopefully you’ll enjoy all the episodes.
  • Lone Star Gamers: We’re excited to announce that the Lone Star Gamers¬†will be joining our Excursions and Recursions feed! TRF regular Landan’s Pathfinder group will be founding a kingdom in Kingmaker.
  • City of Needles:¬†Megan and Aser were invited to join in a Numenera campaign at City of Needles¬†for a couple of sessions. We had a lot of fun playing a mad nano and, well, a bard that go back to a house we could have sworn was just a nightmare. Check out this campaign written as a serialized novel and follow @ProfTesla on Twitter!
  • Firefly Podcast:¬†Aser has taken up the reins of GMing for a new podcast. TRF regulars Megan and Rob, as well as several fans from the community are involved in the only actual play podcast in the Firefly ‘verse, using the Firefly RPG system from Margaret Weis Productions, and a whole lot of Browncoat love goes into this. Check it out on Twitter at @FireflyPodcast
  • Patreon: We’re starting to put together a Patreon page to help us bring you a lot more content. We’ll be making an announcement soon, but we hope you’ll consider helping us entertain you!

-Megan and the TRF Crew


February Release Schedule


What are we playing this month?

February 12, 2015Final Girl: Dead After Hours
Something goes horribly wrong at the annual office party, as usual.

February 22, 2015A Rune Awakening Episode 1: Everyone Loves a Festival
In our first release on the new podcast feed, a group of people with disparate backgrounds come to Sandpoint to celebrate the opening of a new cathedral and the new beginnings of a town once plagued by trouble. Unfortunately, no one told the troublemakers.