TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 12, Call of Cthulhu

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
My GM gave to me,
Twelve Cthulhu’s calling,
Eleven Strange cyphers,
Ten Sandpoints pillaged,
Nine scary monsters,
Eight prior worlds,
Seven heroes slashing,
Six Fiascos foiled,
Five TPKS!
Four ships still flying,
Three Green Boxes,
Two Draculas,
and a Final Girl fleeing to safety.

A man tries to shoot himself in the head as a shoggoth tries to grab him

Well, how can you have a podcast about mythos horror gaming without playing Call of Cthulhu? You can’t: so here it is. We’ve played 6E and 7E now, with Horror on the Orient Express stretching past 12+ episodes already.

This granddaddy of investigative horror gameplay has made a huge contribution to the history of gaming and continues to offer the same promise of thrilling child and appalling botches that has made it a hit across generations.

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TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Aser is a visually impaired attorney and assistive technology instructor that started playing RPGs shortly before the podcast's founding. He ran our games of The Strange and Night's Black Agents, and is an advocate for accessibility in gaming. His gaming interests tend towards mythos horror, investigation, espionage, and military role-playing games.

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