January Release Schedule

A fighter circles Malfeshnekor, blade ready

What are we playing this month?

January 3, 2016Beyond the Threshold 7: Specimens
The team infiltrates BABEL to see if they can get any answers. What they find is a bit more then what they expected.

January 10, 2016A Rune Awakening 8: Blinking Baddie
Unfortunately Nualia isn’t the only BBEG the party encounters as they clear out Thistletop.

January 17, 2016Beyond the Threshold 8: Putting the AK Back in Alaska
As the team flees San Francisco, Alice finds that there might be trouble on her boyfriend’s continued fishing adventures and persuades everyone to head to the Last Frontier

January 24, 2016A Rune Awakening 9: Taking Care of Business
Our heroes finish the first module of Rise of the Runelords and find that an adventurer’s work is never done.

January 31, 2016Mysteries of the Ninth World 12: Something Smells Fishy
Freed from their parasites, the party emerges from the tunnels to find their supposed benefactor dead, and need to stop the plans he set in motion.

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