What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Swirled Chocolate and Gummy Dice
If you have a gamer that you love, you need to check out this Kickstarter. They’ve promised delivery by Valentine’s day, and what better way to say I love you then a set of delicious dice. The gummy dice come in a variety of colors, and you can get the chocolate dice swirled as well. If you don’t want a whole set, you can just buy a huge d20!

Campaign image showing various gummy and chocolate dice.

“We are C.W. and Daemon Wolf, of Lunar Wolf Treats! Our Etsy shop has practically exploded with orders over the past year and a half as we expanded our selection of chocolates and gummies for geeks and gamers! We started out simple enough, with a TARDIS and Dalek mold set and a large D20 mold, and we’ve been growing our collection from there!

Recently we came up with the idea of mixing chocolates together in a swirl pattern inside the actual mold, to create swirled chocolate dice that resemble some of our favorite patterns of dice in real life.”

Roleplaying Spell Effects
When playing with miniatures, it can take time to track an area of effect, and how long it lasts. That’s why I really love these spell effect markers. They’re see through, so you can still see the grid, but easily demonstrate the area that everyone probably wants to stay out of.

Gif with examples of the various spell effects and areas of effect.

“Spell Effects is the continuation of our Clear Map Grids project, printing top notch full color art onto sturdy transparent plastic.

The result is an incredibly useful component for any tabletop roleplaying game. Now when your spellcasters Lightning Bolt, Fireball, and Shatter their way across the battlefield you see exactly where your spells land, and avoid those time-consuming arguments about whether you really CAN hit all 4 kobolds with one spell.

Spell Effects print on 12×18 sheets of sturdy and flexible plastic, easily cut out with scissors. Ongoing effects like a Wall of Fire can be placed directly on your map, and since our Spell Effects are semi-transparent, you can still see your map underneath. Minis can stand right on top of the effect.”


Fate More: From Bits to Books
Fate is one of the most versatile systems in existence, useful for a fantasy game, a modern game, a superhero game; whatever you have in mind. They’re releasing all the material that’s been strictly digital until now as print books, so you can hold it all in your hand.

The Fate More logo

“In 2013, Evil Hat Productions broke records with the Fate Core Kickstarter. Many of you helped us to expand the Fate line beyond our wildest expectations, and that’s ushered in a new era for Fate and for Evil Hat as a company. In 2016, we want to build on that success and return to Kickstarter in a big way, and part of that is a two-Kickstarter push we’ve named Fate More.

In Fate More Part 1 (this Kickstarter campaign), with your help we’ll take a slate of otherwise digital-only releases and turn them into print books for your shelves and game stores everywhere. We’ve got the content ready or nearly ready to go—we just need your help to make it into real, live books!”


Stainless Steel, Brass and Carbon Fiber Playing Cards
I feel like metal cards would be hard to shuffle, but they would be pretty awesome to pull out and use.

The high cards on carbon fiber

“I have been working on coming up with a quality carbon fiber deck for over a year and I am finally happy with the box and quality of the deck. It is made from 3K twill carbon fiber. The deck will be 4 colors on the faces white, blue, yellow, & red. The back design will be printed in white. ”


Still active!

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