What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Handcrafted Dice Trays
Dice Trays are great addition to your table, especially since they prevent escaping dice and guarantee a flat surface for rolling. These dice trays are gorgeous, especially with the carving. I also really like the groove to hold the dice you aren’t rolling yet, which would help prevent confusion when you make your roll.


“Featuring: Carved from Solid Hardwood, Magnetic lid for storage, real leather rolling surface, dice channel to hold extra dice when in use, and artwork and rationalization available.”

Dungeons on Demand Vol. 3
If you need a quick addition to your game, this is a great resource. Dungeons can be hard to come up with on the fly, and this will give you everything you need for your players to die slow horrible deaths trapped underground. Or at least find loot.


“Dungeons on Demand is a series of instant adventure sites you can drop into your 5th edition campaign of the world’s greatest roleplaying game! Each adventure is designed for 4-5 players of specified levels, and each module is complete with a back story, hand drawn maps, traps, puzzles, and reference information to monsters and treasure!

You can customize each one to fit in your campaign however you wish, and each one can be played through in one or two gaming sessions! There is enough content in each module to advance the party to the next level. These adventure modules are written, illustrated, play-tested and designed by Dan Coleman. They are edited by the incredibly talented Rico Gilbert.”


Heroine’s in Sensible Shoes
It’s actually not that easy to find nice miniatures for female characters, at least not ones that are wearing actual armor. If you need a miniature for your character, I recommend checking these out!


“We want to start a new range of female adventurer miniatures for use in roleplaying games and tabletop skirmishes, or simply for painters and collectors.

Although there are loads of male miniatures available already, there are a lot less female ones… and they tend to be split between overly sexualised chainmail bikini types, or high-level characters with ornate armour and weapons. So we decided to sculpt some no-nonsense, low level female dungeoneers; armed and equipped so they can head down a kobold-infested tunnel without chafing their thighs….”


Control: A Strategic Card Game
This looks like a fun game where you try to beat the other players to surviving as you travel into the feature.


“We wanted to make a gateway game that non-gamers or game night veterans could enjoy. It shares similarities to card games like Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone, but in a simpler easy-to-pick-up-and-play way, akin to Love Letter. Anyone older than 10 who has a knack for card games should enjoy themselves.

With mechanics inspired by Cuttle, Control is combat card game for 2–4 players where rounds last 5–15 minutes. Players are time travelers who’ve been caught in a rupture in spacetime and displaced outside time. Each player must use Fuel Cells (the cards) to refuel their own time machine or stop other players from refueling theirs first.”


Distant Realms
It’s always great to see the worldbuilding other people can do. And even better when they give you the tools for you to use it in your world. This book looks lovely, and even if you don’t want to adapt the whole world, I think there’s plenty of pieces that can be integrated in any world.


“This book will be a PDF of 100 pages or perfect bound for physical copies and will detail the six main regions of Leviathan, its races, peoples, nations, cultural orders, and creatures. It will also go into its history, mythlore, and major NPCs. It will finally detail where, on modern day Earth, the Gatekeeper portals open to this mythic land, and will introduce some of the denizens from Earth that have made Leviathan their home and vice versa. This book will be systemless and will suit most games systems so you can bring characters from your current game into Leviathan for adventure! A list of charts will be provided to help you scale your system’s stats appropriately.”


Still active!

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