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There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Harlem Unbound
There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.
The 1920’s is a very popular era for Call of Cthulhu games. Harlem Unbound is a sourcebook for the Harlem Renaissance for Call of Cthulhu and Gumshoe games. My history education is lacking, and I sadly don’t know much about the era, but it looks like a really intriguing place to pull from your game. Plus it’s really nice to see mythos based RPGs that overtly work address the bigotry in Lovecraft’s original works.

“Harlem Unbound is a unique RPG sourcebook that takes players into the exciting world of the Harlem Renaissance at its height, to face terrifying horrors from the Lovecraftian Mythos. This groundbreaking tome gives Keepers and players everything they need to bring this unique place and time to life, and engage with the people who gave it its soul. Harlem Unbound is compatible with multiple systems, with options for investigating the Mythos on New York’s jazz-soaked streets using either Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu RPG or any of the several GUMSHOE-powered investigative RPGs by Pelgrane Press.

This sourcebook flips the standard Lovecraftian view of minorities on its head, putting them in the role of heroes who must struggle against cosmic horrors while also fighting for a chance at equality. By default, the protagonists of Harlem Unbound are African American, not white (which is the standard assumption found in Lovecraftian fiction). Our heroes and heroines come from all walks of life with regard to class, ethnicity, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. The heart of the Renaissance was a revolution aimed at changing the world through art, ideas, and the written word. It was a uniquely powerful movement against the unjust status quo, a time in history that still inspires today. The history, people and stories in this book shine the spotlight on the people of Harlem, their successes and their struggles.”

The Gods Have Spoken
I love the stuff that Dread Unicorn Games puts out, and this looks like a great addition to a 5e campaign. The gods in the pantheons are very similar to the gods that are in Gods and Icons, the 13th Age supplement they recently released (and I reviewed). This book also lists new character options for your PCs, allowing them to connect to the newly introduced gods.

“The Gods Have Spoken offers a fresh take on the gods, not just a rehash of the Greco-Roman pantheons, but new pantheons influenced by history and religions from around the world.”

Super Dice Set 1
Nowadays dice kickstarters are a dime a dozen. But the angular numbers on the d6 are something I hadn’t seen yet and look really cool. If you need anymore d6, check these out! There’s a couple of other designs he’s doing as well, but I’ve seen them before.

Woodcutting is such a bold and neat looking art style, and I’m excited to see it applied to the Mythos. The prints are on the expensive side, but if you’re willing to invest a lot you can get some that are hand illuminated.

“Nictonomicón will be a lovecraftian grimoire made in a completely handmade way. We’ll play the game of believing that it is printed from some old woodblocks by an Mad Monk from Middle Age. Allegedly, Tomás Hijo has found them in an abandoned library and has restored and put them again under the press thus recovering the ancient arcane designs. But there is a part of that “fiction” that is entirely real: the grimoire will be a complete artisan work that will avoid any direct usage of modern machinery.”

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