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There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Innsmouth: The Lost Drawings
I really enjoy the almost Victorian style of art for these drawings. This artbook is a collection of ‘found’ images of the denizens of Innsmouth. You can get the entire artbook, or just some postcards with prints.

“H.P. Lovecraft has become a legend among those of us with “darker” sensibilities. His Cthulhu mythos has inspired writers as diverse as Stephen King and William S. Burroughs. But what if there was more to Lovecraft’s stories? What if his settings were not so imaginary.

Renowned illustrator and comic artist, Mark A. Nelson, has spent years researching legends surrounding the “fictional” town of Innsmouth, and discovered, on a surprisingly fruitful visit to the Miskatonic University Library in Arkham, Mass, evidence that an artist named Mannish Sycovia, traveled from revolutionary Russia to Innsmouth in 1914, to create portraits of the Innsmouth elite, under the patronage of Mr. Barnabas Marsh. Marsh was the cornerstone of the Innsmouth high society, and heir to the Obed Marsh Gold Refining business. His increasingly strange behavior and his infrequent ventures out of Innsmouth helped to alienate him from those closest to him. Following the 1927 demolition of the town by the U.S. Army following an aggressive bootlegging raid, the artist was never heard from again. Only rumors and fishy stories remained until this body of work was uncovered.”

Hexoroll Dice
This dice is inspired by the hexagons in a beehive, but it reminds me more of a nut you might have in your tool kit. In any case, they’re pretty cool and made from Aluminum. It’s a nice touch that the numbers also are somewhat hexagonal.

“The Hexaroll dice easily rolls out the palm of your hand. We have redesigned the way you roll your dice. The symmetrically balanced design will give your dice equal landing chances on each face. It is made from aluminium, with a hexagon hollow design. The dice is strong, light weight and its very durable too.”

Book Curse: Ex Libris Bookplates
I’ve only had one book stolen, but I certainly would have liked to have a curse ready to go for the thief. Using these bookplates you can write in whatever curse you want to lay on whoever took your book. Plus one of the stretch goals is for an octopus with tea! If you have some books to protect then you should look at these.

“In very ancient days the creation of books, manuscripts, tablets and scrolls was an exacting and laborious process. Scribes worked meticulously to perfectly reproduce and record cultural, religious, and political records using expensive materials that were designed to last for centuries. So important was the veracity of these documents that in the unfortunate occasion of a mistake, the document would often be destroyed so as to not perpetuate any errors.

Of equal importance to the accuracy of these artifacts was their care and protection. Therefore, it was common practice to invoke the wrath of gods and all manner of supernatural havoc upon any who would seek to edit, steal, or destroy any of these works. This protection took the form of what is now referred to as a Book Curse.

Inspired by the idea of an ‘Ex Libris’ bookplate that doubled as dire warning for any potential book thieves, I set my poisoned pen to the illustration of a set of Book Curse bookplates!”

The Star on the Shore
I always love scenarios that are more open for exploration and let the players have more freedom in how they explore throughout the adventure. This scenario focuses on the discovery of a strange statue in a remote town that draws your adventurers in. They’ve also made dice that you can roll for insanity effects instead of just rolling a d10 and looking it up on the table.

“The Star on the Shore is a sandbox adventure in a small coastal town with over 30 NPCs to interact with. Some are helpful, some are oblivious and some are hiding in plain sight. A strange unexplained astronomical event, a stolen statue, a murder of crows, and a cryptic clue lead you and your fellow investigators to a quiet vacation town that is far more sinister and deadly than it appears.

The story is a blend of real history and fiction that gives the story a life of its own. The adventure is the result of two years of research, writing and play testing. The real history is fascinating and flows right into the mythos world with very few changes. The more you discover, the deeper you are drawn toward your own insanity.”

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