February Schedule

A creature with a large glowing green spot moves through the red fractals

What are we playing this month?

February 5, 2017 – The Gnomish Conspiracy 2: Why’d it have to be books?
They thought their enemies were weird last time.

February 12, 2017Not So Strange 9: Paintball to the Knee
Agents from the Estate engage in team building activities like paintball, storytelling, and avoiding killer robot assassins.

February 14, 2017Bite
“You slam the door closed, your partner barely making it through behind you. You can still feel their hands grabbing at your clothes; hear their moans echoing through the halls. The occasional thumping at the door reminds you that you are still trapped, even when you’ve run away. You won’t sleep tonight. Hell, you haven’t really slept in days, but you can try to ignore it for now. As you settle in with your companion, locked away safely in this small room, the doubts begin to enter your thoughts: What if they’ve been bitten?”

February 19, 2017Not So Strange 10: Fan Service
The team discovers a chunk of a galaxy far far away somewhat closer to home, also a jabberwock.

February 26, 2017Not So Strange 11: Toil and Trouble
Witches. Why’d it have to be witches?

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