What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion
I’ve never ventured to Freeport in a game, but a dark and grimy pirate city on the edge of the known world seems like it would fit easily into almost any game. Now you can bring it into your Shadows of the Demon Lord game, with an official guide to the city and a bunch of new monsters and ancestries. If you’re running Shadow of the Demon Lord then this is a great addition to your game.

“The Shadow of the Demon Lord Freeport Companion will be loaded with goodies for any fan of the Demon Lord. Inside its pages, you’ll find two new ancestries–the undine and the mysterious serpent people known as the Valossans. The book offers ten new expert and master paths, such as the drunken celebrant and the vicious pit fighter. Over thirty new spells join the game, all speaking to the darkness of the city and the sorts of adventures one might undertake in and around it. New gear and new rules for underwater exploration, voyages, and ship battles all help you run seafaring adventures in Shadow. This book gives you a ton of characters, relics, new monsters, and a big adventure you can use to kick off a new campaign.”

Pip System
The Pip System from Third Eye Games has a dice pool mechanic that reminds me of Fiasco, where you have pools of black and white d6 where success is determined by the difference between the two pools. You can get more white dice by being talented, while the black dice represent the difficulty of the roll. Third Eye Games has a lot of successful games out there that use this basic system, and now the core of it is available for you to build your own setting using this simple mechanic.

“The Pip System is what Third Eye Games has used in the past for a number of family-style RPGs, including Mermaid Adventures and Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes. Each of those games and their mechanical iterations have been nominated for Best Family Game at the ENnie Awards. We’ve taken what lessons these first editions had to teach to further develop and expand upon the game and its systems. Our goal is a complete toolbox of mechanics for almost any gaming experience. The Pip System Corebook has all you need to create characters in a Modern, Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Spooky! setting, each with their own gear and equipment, character backgrounds, and tone, but all the while using the same core set of mechanics to make the game happen.”

Hardwood Settlers of Catan Board
This Catan board is gorgeous. Each of the board pieces is stained in a pretty natural looking finish, but very easy to tell apart. The carving and design on all the pieces is beautiful and very distinct. If you’re worried about wearing out your copy of Catan, then this is the replacement you need.

“There have been many companies that have addressed the problems associated with cardboard gaming boards. Unfortunately, a lot of these projects only make one game, they die out, or only give you an amazing product with their first project. In the wake of all this, Thinking Monk Studios was born. Our goal is to make solid wood board games for not just one, but many board games, and make them beautiful, one-of-a-kind, collector style works of art that you will be dying to show your fellow table-top lovers. We decided to start with Catan, a fairly well known game and one of our favorites on game night. After over 200 hours of design time, we finally have a board we feel is truly a unique and beautiful work of art.”

Murder Most Foul
Almost all murder mystery games I’ve seen are really only playable once, the murderer is always the same person. Murder Most Foul is replayable, and you choose the victim and detective while everyone else plays the guests who are working to murder the host. I love that they made a hot sauce to go along with the game as well, which you can get when you buy the game. I think this is a lot more interesting take on the classic murder mystery party, and if I ever had dinner parties, this would be the game we would play.

“Murder Most Foul is an infinitely replayable murder mystery dinner party game. You and your friends will get together, where one of you will be the Host – the one to get murdered – one will be the Detective, who tries to solve the murder, and the rest will be Guests, who compete to kill the Host and get away with it. One of the ways you can murder someone is by “poisoning” them by spiking their food or drink with hot sauce – so we partnered with FYM Hot Sauce to make a custom hot sauce for the game, called Poison – their hottest hot sauce ever. (it’s also really delicious)”

Owlbear Plush
If you’ve ever lamented the fact that you can’t cuddle up with an Owlbear in real life, this is the chance to fix it. This Owlbear plush looks supremely cuddly, plus they have icons on the belly like a carebear.

“Owlbears are fictional creatures that can be found in a myriad of fantasy role-playing games. In most cases, they are ferocious monsters that have the burly body of a bear and the head of an owl. Whimsy Works’ Owlbears are super cuddly, extra soft, and non -aggressive versions of these fearsome predators. These Owlbears are designer plush toys with role-playing game themed Paunch Patches on their tummies.”

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