What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

AcadeCon 2017
The RPG Academy has hosted an amazing convention in Dayton, Ohio the past few years, and they’re going to continue to top themselves this year. The convention focuses on playing games with other cool people including Kenneth Hite, James D’Amato, Jim McClure, and all of the Fandible cast. I wish I could make it this year to meet up with all these great people, but you have a chance to get your tickets now! It will be held November 10-12 this year, and there’s all kinds of great swag if you sign up now.

“AcadeCon is specifically designed to be a smaller, non-traditional convention. We are not trying to (nor do we want to) compete with or replace the huge conventions that attract a national audience. At our convention, you’re going to get access to 24-hour gaming hall, a better chance to play in the games you want, the opportunity to spend time and game with special guests, and time to hang out with some of the best gamers in the world—the fans of our show!”

A Forest: Lovecraft-Based Choose Your Own Adventure
A CYA story that’s based on Lovecraft sounds like a wonderful idea that can only lead to insanity. And sanity will play a role in how the story goes for you as you make (hopefully) terrible choices. As a bonus, some of the money will be going to a Pancreatic Research fund. I’m going to have to hold back to stop myself from reading all the ways you can die before actually reading it through.

“I consequently put up a story draft by choosing a suitable and fascinating historical background (the 19th century), the only continent that still conveys a sense of mystery (Africa) and I filled my material with moral choices plus monsters inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft (1890 – 1937), enjoying the process of creating something the reader can interact with.

It’s a challenge to write a novel like that, but I truly believe the experience is enhanced when the reader shifts from a passive spectator to a hero whose decisions can shape his destiny, regardless of the medium used to tell that story (that is the reason I am a huge fan of Telltale Games nowadays). If you haven’t tried it before, I’d be grateful if you can give me the opportunity to demonstrate its narrative power.”

Cthulhu Bust
This is really expensive, but oh so pretty. I like the different coloration on this Cthulhu bust, the pale flesh color fading into blue at the tentacles, and the eyes look like galaxies. Once again, out of my price range, but it would be a really great piece on someone’s mantle.

“When sculpting Cthulhu, I wanted to create a sinister look yet exude grace and beauty. The ebb and flow of the forms are indicative of my style and it brings a unique take to this iconic creature. The paint work gives this piece added realism and depth. Emphasis was placed on creating a look that compliments the forms of this sculpture.”

The Imposters
This collection includes three LARPs and four RPGs all focus on different genres of conspiracy, from government to supernatural. I love that one is called LOVEINT, mostly because of recent Delta Green games, but a game about melodramatic NSA officers sounds amazing. There’s a little of something for everyone in this anthology, and you should check it out to see what it has to offer for you!

“The Imposters is an anthology of seven tabletop and live-action roleplaying games from seven different designers. Some of these games are brand new; some are revised and updated versions of games that have won prestigious indie gaming awards like the ENnies, Golden Cobra, and the 200WordRPG contest. All seven games offer a play experience you’ve never had before, which is why we think you should back this project now.”

The Obelisk Deck and Dice Box
There’s been an influx of dice boxes on kickstarter recently, but this one is pretty enough to mention here. The bottom half stores dice, while the top half is intended for cards. The three pieces fit together perfectly around a crest at the bottom. It’s more intended for collectible card game players then those who play RPG’s, but I really like the elegance of it.

“The Obelisk is the latest innovation from master craftsman Aaron Cain. The Obelisk is a sleek Japanese Inspired Deck and Dice box designed for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or other collectable card games. Unlike other wooden deck boxes the Obelisk is compact and similar in size to traditional plastic boxes. The double layer design provides excellent protection to your expensive cards while maintaining their easy removal. The world class strength and durability of wood make it an ideal material for providing maximum protection. The felt lined dice compartment is large enough to fit a standard spindown die and or a large quantity of counters. The secret to the design is the “crest” that is located on the sides of the inner box. When closed the outer box engages this crest providing a near air tight friction fit. No need for straps, rubber bands, or bulky hardware. The box is held together with pure craftsmanship.”

Still Active

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Noir World
Sly Flourish’s Fantastic Adventures
The Sword, The Crown, and the Unspeakable Power

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