What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Untold: Adventures Await
I got to talk to one of the creators of Untold last week, and I think this looks like a great fun game to play when someone can’t show up for a session. Or with people who are nervous to try RPGs, or even to introduce your kids to them. You use any combination of Story Cubes you want to build a setting, and then develop characters and a narrative. The games are quick and can be different everytime. Michael recommends combing Clues, Mythic, and Voyages story cubes for your investigative horror game.

“Untold: Adventure Awaits is a customisable storytelling game powered by Rory’s Story Cubes where you play the heroes in your own adventure series. Think of it as throwing you and your friends into a favourite TV show, but rather than passively watching, you’re caught up in every scene and make the decisions on which way the plot will go. Each adventure-packed episode takes less than sixty minutes to play from start to finish and requires no preparation – you jump straight into the adventure! All it takes is a copy of Untold, a set of any nine StoryCubes of your choice, and the combined imagination and inquisitiveness of the players. From there on, anything can happen…”

Termination Shock
Greg Stolze has launched another kickstarter to raise support for podcasting the playtesting of his new RPG, Termination Shock. The game focuses on a near future setting where the colonizers on Mars are trying to survive both the climate at the killer robots. If the Kickstarter reaches $3000, backers will get a rough copy of the rules for the system as well! The setting for this game seems like it has lots of possibilities, and not only because I love rogue AIs and killbots. Anything from Greg Stolze is great, and I can’t wait to see the RPG that comes from this!

“I make games and I write stories. I also run games, and have sometimes wished that I could capture the spontaneity, fun and excitement of tabletop RPG sessions. Inspired by some podcasting friends, I started recording games while testing out an all-new setting and rules engine. I’d like to make those recordings available through the miracle of podcasting.”

Hardwood Dice Towers and Storage
These gorgeous dice towers are made our of bands of different wood, including poplar, maple, red oak, ash, cedar, padauk, purpleheart, yellowheart, zebrawood, lacewood, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and wenge. The bands of wood are randomized as they build each tower, so if you get one it will be completely unique. You can choose the type of wood you want for the trays, and it measures 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide. These towers look completely unique, and promise to have a very satisfying rolling sound.

Creature Comfort Playing Cards
If you’ve enjoyed Don Moyer’s Calamityware, but it’s always been too expensive for your budget, check out his new deck of cards. The pips on the cards have been replaced with creepies and crawlies and each of the face cards have their own monster in courtly garb. The decks look like a lot of fun, and bring a little more commentary to any of your card games.

“Traditional playing cards are practical, but a little dull. Wouldn’t cards be more fun with creatures — monsters, aliens, pests, vermin, and creepy crawlies? That’s the idea behind the limited-edition, Creature Comforts playing card decks. Beautiful, sturdy, and utilitarian cards with the added thrill of more than 4,500 creatures. All your favorite card games just got a little more interesting. Adding more play to playing cards. I’ve designed an unusual deck of playing cards with backs, pips, and face cards that are lavishly endowed with charming bugs, bats, reptiles, aliens, and demons.”

Still Active

Machu Picchu Dice Volume 2
Between Twilight and Dawn

Megan loves RPGs, cephalopods, robots, dice, and Kickstarter campaigns related to the above. She is a co-founder of The Redacted Files and runs our Numenera, Pathfinder, and Horror on the Orient Express campaigns, as well as the Trail of Cthulhu one-shots.

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