What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

The Props of Nyarlathotep: New York and Kenya
Someday I hope to run Masks of Nyarlathotep, and I wish when I ran it I could have these gorgeous props. I’ve previously been very jealous of their Sedefkar Simulacrum props for Horror on the Orient Express, and this new set is just as perfect. The options of what to get include temporary tattoos of the bloody tongue sigil, a makeup prosthetic of the bloody tongue sigil, a fly whisk, Bloody Tongue statuette, and Mask of Hayama. If interested you can also pick up the props they created in a previous kickstarter for London and Cairo. I really love the temporary tattoos, I can just imagine reaching across the table to hand something to a player, and suddenly there’s a mark on my arm. Unsurprisingly, these props are expensive, but if you’re playing a game in person, then you should think about investing.

“If you intend to run a campaign or if you already played the Masks of Nyarlathotep, you probably already know why you are here. Maybe you will enjoy running it again with quality props, if you don’t and you intend to do it, you should be aware that their may be some SPOILERS AHEAD, but maybe you could be interested by doing it with your current keeper and tell him about our Kickstarter.

We wanted to propose some sculptures that could help Keepers to enhance the gaming experience. The Sculptures created have for most of them never been proposed before, but we mainly thought about what they could bring to the narrative. They are designed to help the keeper to move the story forward and to help the keeper to give to the vilains something memorable, that will trigger the investigators to fear them.”

Octogon Dice Tray
Easy Roller Dice makes really great dice, and some of the best affordable dice trays I’ve seen. Aser uses one for all of his rolls at the table and since we bought it they’ve released even more color options. Now they’re releasing a dice tray, wrapped in leatherette, with a staging area so you can ready all of your dice rolls in. The tray also comes with a lid that can work as a secondary tray, and it makes this tray really nice for travel. They’re blowing through stretch goals, which means you can get yours foil embossed with a ton of awesome designs. And it’s only $25!

“We’re back with a new Kickstarter! This time around we have an octagon shaped dice tray that has a staging area and a lid. This tray keeps your dice out of the way of the rolling surface, and the lid makes clean-up and transport easy. The staging area provides a place to keep your dice without them getting in the way of the rolling space.

Dice Tray Internal Measurements:
Dice staging area – 7/8″ wide
Rolling surface – 5 3/4″ wide
Internal edge to edge – 8″ wide

This dice tray is smaller than our standard 12 inch tray, so crowded gaming tables won’t be so crowded anymore. The lid tightly closes to the top of the tray, allowing for easy transport or storage of dice, pens, miniatures, or other small gaming accessories. The rolling surface is padded with a velvet material that not only holds up to plastic dice and metal dice, but also helps to quiet down the tumbling sound of dice.”

SINS the Roleplaying Game
The near future setting for SINS is interesting, about 100 years in the future, where the world has been overrun by The Brood and permanently scarred by Nuclear weapons. It’s a very bleak setting, where survivors struggle to live, and get along with others. Interestingly, the mechanic they developed for this game is called HOPE, a d6 pool system. The more skilled you are at a set task, the lower your target number on the dice becomes. There does seem to be an overwhelming number of powers and skills, but I think the setting and system promise a lot that makes this a game worth investigating.

“At its heart, SINS is a narrative role-playing game, specifically focused on telling the stories of powerful entities known as Nemissaries – reborn individuals back from the dead with a wealth of mysterious powers, who have risen once more to fight an eldritch hive-mind of the undying, known as the Brood, in the post-apocalyptic ruins of a 22nd Century Earth.

For all its high-octane combat and supernatural forces, SINS is a cinematic game about choice, morality and the consequences which come from wielding great and terrible power in a world desperate for heroes and leaders. It’s also about embarking on life-changing adventures, battling supernatural horrors, and often, simply surviving life in an unforgiving world fraught with danger, where even the Nemissaries’ great powers won’t necessarily protect them.”

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