What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Deluxe Constellation Dice
I’ve gotten my set of constellation dice in the mail and they’re gorgeous. I’m very excited to use my star fate dice for our current scifi campaign! But now there’s even more options. The Nebula finish is so beautiful, a dark blue with dots of silver that makes it look like the night sky. I wish I could just buy a set of fate dice in this new KS, but they’re all bundled in different ways. Reaching stretch goals is going to add more dice to your bundle!

“This will be a three weeks “deluxe” campaign (quality over quantity) as most rewards will also include the few left remaining glow-in-the-dark and “silver” painted dice announced on the last days (or after the end) of the original Constellation Dice – Voyager Edition campaign.
As you can see from the pictures, those turned out to be the best of the bunch… but very few people on Kickstarter had a chance to find out about them.

Being hand painted, the glowing dice (and the “silver” painted ones) are extremely detailed and worth the higher manufacturing cost. In consideration of this, this campaign will also offer a new “silver” painted version of the blue Voyager d10 couple (planets d10% / moons d10).

But there is more! 1000 Fudge/FATE Desired Constellation d6 will be reprinted in a translucent mixed color version (blue and black, with tiny silver glitter) resembling a night sky: the Nebula Desired Constellation d6.”

Henchman: A Fate RPG Campaign World
I always love this sort of game. In Henchmen you get to play the minions of a criminal organization. You can play it either as the henchmen of the actual villain, or as more of an origin story, but I think the stories of the minions is where most the fun is at. There’s rules for creating your city, your evil organization, and even some rules for equipment and whatever other upgrades your henchmen get. Fate is a great system, and I think this setting looks like it will be incredible.

“Henchmen is a game in which characters get to explore the trials and tribulations of being little cogs in the grand machine of an evil organisation. While many games focus on gaining power and overcoming foes, this game takes a slightly different approach.

You can play the game any way you want to, but we envisage Henchmen being played in two ways, the ‘day in the life’ tribulations of an expendable goon squad, or as a long ‘Villains Journey’ campaign. For the latter, we have outlined a ‘development arc’ of significant milestones, linked to each character’s personal journey from nobody to nightmare.

Unlike more ‘heroic’ games, Henchmen is not predicated on PCs succeeding on their various errands and missions. Success might be achieved of course, but often failure, disaster and doom must be coped with, blame must be deflected and whatever credit is left must be seized.

The Evil Organisation is a unique Fate Fractal for Henchmen, with its own aspects, skills, Fate points and perks. You might even think of the PCs as its stress boxes, since it will expend them to protect itself from consequences.”

RPG Player Kits
If you want to show up to your next session with style, you should look at there RPG Player Kits. Each kit includes a beautiful wooden box, all the components you could need for a session, and even cards to help you track what you’re doing. The box isn’t even limited to just D&D, they are making it compatible with Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, and Starfinder! If you have to take your gaming gear home each session, this box will make toting around your key components easy.

“Gear up for adventure! RPG Player Kits enrich your tabletop experience with smart components that enhance and streamline gameplay. The RPG Player Kit includes: Action Cards, Player Dry-Erase Board, Color-Coded Dice, and a Wooden Dice Box. The Action Cards shown are for DnD Fifth Edition (5E), but we will also produce additional Action Card sets compatible with the following: Savage Worlds, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and Starfinder Roleplaying Game. Don’t see your favorite RPG system on this list? Let us know! We may be able to add more compatible systems based on backer feedback.”

Table of Ultimate Gaming
I really, really want a gaming table. At some point I’ll hopefully be able to afford one. For now I’ll look longingly at the Table of Ultimate Gaming, which has several levels of customization. For one, it can be normal table height, countertop height, or coffee table height, which gives you some more options for how you want it to fit into your home. There are several options for decorations on the side, featuring some really nice wood cutouts, and Cthulhu is now an option! I like how these tables are very customizable, as well as modular so you can easily make changes to size and design. If you’re looking for a good gaming table, the Table of Ultimate Gaming is a great place to start!

“The Table of Ultimate Gaming is a complete modular and expandable system that puts you in the driver’s seat. With unmatched features at a price you can afford, this system gives you full control over your games and events. We design on computers and cut roboticaly so every product is perfectly manufactured. The highest quality materials such as durable European birch hardwood construction and water based paints ensure years of safety, reliability and make these tables and accessories suitable for home use, game stores, gaming events, or game cafes and restaurants.”

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