November Release Schedule

bandaged men in the gas mask on the black background surrounded by smoke and looking at the sky, survival soldier after apocalypse.

What are we playing this month?

November 5, 2017Apocalypse World 1: Into the Wild
A settlement that has managed to survive despite all odds sends out their best(?) and brightest(?) to investigate a threat on their territory.

November 12, 2017Apocalypse World 2: Touched by an Angle
Having discovered the nature of their enemy, our heroes(?) take the fight to the cannibals where they live.

November 19, 2017 – Apocalypse World 3: Introspection
Our heroes (?) return home but discover that they are not yet safe. They must (try to) work together to save their friend(?).

November 23, 2017Not So Strange: Home for Thanksgiving
Finn wakes up in a car to find that Jamisia and Lu-Gal are taking him on a road trip home for Thanksgiving.

November 26, 2017Only War, We Got This! 9: It’s a Trap
The squad reaches the heart of the space fortress and need only cross a corridor to reach their objective. What could possibly go wrong?

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