What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Seven Worlds

I’m really interested in this new Savage Worlds setting. It’s a near future sci-fi setting that really focused on staying true to science, including realistic space combat rules and receiving the Atomic Rockets Seal of Approval. While the game does allow you to use FTL or play a psychic, they worked hard to include real science in the setting, which I really love. They have some short rules available if you’re interesting in giving it a try before you pledge on the Kickstarter page, and I’m looking forward to trying it out!

“Welcome to Seven Worlds, a new Epic Science-Fiction Setting and Campaign for the Savage Worlds role-playing game, from Intellistories, official Savage Worlds Licensee! Seven Worlds is a unique, epic hard(ish) Science-Fiction role-playing campaign and setting. In the year 2217 humanity’s greatest achievement is the colonization of the nearby star systems now known as the Seven Worlds, where humanity lives, thrives, and prepares for the next great wave of space exploration. But when the unexpected threatens humanity, only an unlikely band of heroes can unravel a deadly conspiracy and try to avert the Fall!”

The Mimic Chest

I don’t know why we’re being tormented with so many beautiful options to store our RPG accouterments that we can’t afford, but the Mimic Chest is a new addition to that list. The entire chest is usable, the base holds your necessities when all closed up and works as a dice tower and roller when you unpack it. The lid is actually several separate storage option for dice and tokens while playing a game. The whole thing comes apart and back together like magic. It’s incredibly inventive and a great way to move your stuff around!

“At first glance, it looks like a normal treasure chest. Roll high enough in perception, and you can see that it’s actually a precision-crafted, compact, durable, magnetic transforming caddy for all your tabletop game gear.

Ready to play? Take off the straps, dice vaults, and pen cases from the top of the chest. Snap the two halves of the coaster together, then turn the sides of the Mimic Chest into a dice tower. Turn over the dice vaults and pen cases to use them as card stands, then unload all the tablets, hero vaults, hundreds of dice, and whatever else you carried in there, and you’re ready to play!”

The Necronomnomnom Cookbook

I love cookbooks, and this one looks like an amazing addition to my collection. The cover is amazing, and while the recipes mainly look like they are renamed classics, the new names are fantastic, like Shogghoulash or Tsauagambalaja. This cookbook would be a great conversation piece, and I certainly hope everything in side while taste as delicious as it sounds!

“We love H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. We love food. We can’t really stop the compulsion to make egregious puns. It’s a form of insanity…which is perfectly appropriate for fans of Lovecraft’s work.

We had this crazy idea… We’re gonna make a Cookbook of recipes based on Lovecraft stories, creatures, and characters, as well as whatever else we thought was relevant (cool/funny/groan-worthy). BUT THEN, above all – the recipes that we chose had to taste good! ALSO as a bonus we wanted the Cookbook to look like the prototypical spellbook of incantations and summonings much like the Necronomicons (Necronomici? No, no – now it sounds Italian…) found in stories and movies like “The Evil Dead” {TM/copyright/legal stuff – Hi don’t sue us!}. And we succeeded!”

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