March Schedule

Here is our schedule for the month of March.

March 4, 2018Friends Like These 2: Meanwhile, Back at the Soup Kitchen 
An alliance forms to discover the identity of the person behind the dragon attack at the SCA, as their unknown adversary continues to settle scores with deadly magic.

March 11, 2018Friends Like These 3: Get off my Lawn 
Our heroes try to protect a potential victim while seeking out a confrontation with their attacker, but they’re not the only ones looking for a showdown.

March 18, 2018Dark Heresy, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 1: Mission Impossible
Inquisitor Mariel Valance recruits a new warband, tasked with investigating how the secessionists were able to capture a Chaos Space Marine. This campaign continues some of the story found in our Only War campaign, We Got This.

March 25, 2018Dark Heresy, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 2: The Orange Daisy
Arriving on Kulth to make contact with an Imperial Spy, things start going wrong very quickly.

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