May Schedule

Here is our schedule for the month of May.

May 6, 2018Curse of the Masked Jackal 10: A Curious Relation
A former enemy has joined the party of adventurers, while a former friend has turned rotten.

May 13, 2018Forthright Open Roleplay: Home of Lost Hope pt 1
We try the new game system Forthright in a special episode GM-ed by the game designer, Bryan Shipp. When a team of investigators discovers that the person they’ve been sent to rescue was last seen entering a home from which no one returns they make the logical choice and break in to rescue him.

May 20, 2018 – Forthright Open Roleplay: Home of Lost Hope pt 2
After realizing that the house they have entered is trying to kill them at every turn, the investigators believe that things couldn’t get any worse. They get worse.

May 27, 2018 – Scary on the Choo-Choo 23: Now it’s Constantinople
The team arrives in Constantinople and is put on the case of a missing child even as they try to find out more about how to destroy the Simulacrum.

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