July Schedule

Here is our schedule for the month of July

July 1, 2018Friends Like These 5: Law and Disorder
The uncomfortable alliance of supernatural powers continues to investigate the ghoulish power bent on ending the career of one Justin Pritchard.

July 8, 2018 – Friends Like These 6: Fire Fixes Everything
With zombies to fight and necromancers to punish, the supernatural “friends,” enter a moral gray area, and then keep on going.

July 15, 2018Delta Green: Shimmering Seas
There’s something not quite right on the US Navy’s newest stealth destroyer. Whatever it is, a scratch group of Delta Green agents have to stop it before it causes world War 3.

July 22, 2018Wrath and Glory: Blessings Unheralded
A warband arrives on a shrine world to recover a colleague from a local asylum when they stumble on yet another plot by worshipers of Chaos.

July 29, 2018Travesty in Space 1
A crew of unscrupulous scavengers happens upon a prize that might just be too good to be true, which of course, it is.

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