The Redacted Files Podcast Network January 2020 Schedule

We hope the start of another year finds our listeners enjoying the promise of new discoveries and old friends. The casts of three different actual play shows are hard at work to bring you more stories and, we hope, more smiles. Here is what we have on the docket for January.

January 5, 2020: Venture City Episode 4: The Firebug
The heroes must escape pursuit before gathering intelligence on the new villains set to threaten the city and justify a corporate killing spree.

January 8, 2020: The Amber Clave Season 2, Episode 12
Fresh from their latest victory, the knot embark on another attempt to challenge the predations of Lady Weiss.

January 12, 2020: Venture City Episode 5: Office Hours
Bass must meet with her professor and wrestle with the question she finds herself less prepared for than she would have thought: does she want to rule the world? Or, at least, half of it?

January 19, 2020: Venture City Episode 6: Showdown
The heroes make their choice and accept the help of an unlikely ally.

January 22, 2020: The Amber Clave Season 2, Episode 13
The knot travel south to bring Lady Weiss an artifact in exchange for her protection of their new friends.

January 26, 2020: Descent Into Midnight
A community of undersea creatures must deal with the complicated nature of the home they have chosen for themselves and their place as part of a greater whole.

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