The Redacted Files Podcast Network Schedule for May 2020

Welcome to the third month of stay at home orders. Hopefully, by this month we’ll have figured out this whole work from home business to get you new episodes every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what we have on deck.

Monday, May 4: Cult Classic 1
There’s a new cult in town and they worship chaos. Allow them to
demonstrate by looting a church.

Wednesday, May 6: Amber Clave Season 2 Episode 20

Monday, May 11: Cult Classic 2
A little miscommunication leads to poor mission planning. More
miscommunication leads to mass murder.

Wednesday, May 13: Firefly Season 7 Constant as the Northern Star 4

Monday, May 18: Cult Classic 3
How do you complicate a job ripping off a drug dealer? You rip him off at a club packed with the city’s elite.

Wednesday, May 20: Amber Clave Season 2 Episode 21

Monday, May 25: Cult Classic 4
Vulnerable people seem to be disappearing off the streets…more than usual. The cult finds out where they’re going, and it’s not going to end well for anyone.

Wednesday, May 27: Firefly Season 7 Constant as the Northern Star 5

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