Ballad of the Seven Dice Presents: Chapter 7 No One Gets Out

We’re excited to do an episode swap with Ballad of the Seven Dice this week! Give them a listen and then make sure to go check out the rest of their campaign!

Diar’rna of the Silver Shield has been taken to Arkham and forced to participate in the ghoul’s gladiator sports. She has been here for longer than she cares for and is sick of it, she is going to escape. Joining her is two adventurers, Richard the Redeemer played by guest Jason (@dhoineandon) and Lisbeth the Aasimar Cleric played by guest Tea (@theawinde) .

City of Smoke, Energy Hammer, Laser Shot, Magic Missle, Bless, Turn Undead, Orb of Acid,  – Wes Otis (Platemailgames)

Demon- Summoning – Daniele Galante

Crazy Drummer, Journey of Demise, Drum Commercial – Feslyian Studios

Gathering Darkness, Dark Times, Shores of Darkness – Kevin Macleod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Ars Sonor – Hedfuq

Barkskin Spell, Restorative Spell – Fillipo Buresta

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