System Neutral: Numenera with Kyle Decker

For episode 300 (!) we’re releasing a new project we’ve been working on, called System Neutral. For this project we’ve talked to GMs and players of other APs about our favorite game systems to talk about what we like, love, and could do without. 

We’re joined on this episode by Kyle from Quest Friends!, a Numenera Actual Play Podcast with friendship, family, and world-ending spiders. 

Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeod

Final Girl: Death of a Salesman…et. al.

Roomba with a knife taped on

TRF goes to GeeklyCon 2016 to spread the word of Final Girl. Megan and Aser host a panel where everyone gets in on the gory fun, set in an isolated motel.

This episode features Aser, Kyle, Landan, Megan, Milli, Mollie, and Taylor. Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Alchemist’s Tower.”

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