Numenera: The Hideous Game

A pale creepy figure with long fingers and no eyes, but mouths covering it's head

Three adventurers try to find the answer to the nefarious game that is being played on the citizens of Qi before it’s too late.

GM: Megan
Players: Aser, John, Richard
System: Numenera

Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Decisions.” (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Delta Green: Last Things Last

Cabin stands alone in dim woods

A scratch group of operatives, designation R-Cell, is sent on an easy mission: hide any evidence that a recently dead man was ever a part of Delta Green. However, with in-fighting, a road trip, and a horror beyond space and time, things stop being easy quickly.

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This episode features Aser, John, Megan, Phil, and Richard. Music by Kevin MacLeod, “Hitman.”

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