Where are the TRF podcast episodes?

Captain America Educational Video meme- the text reads “So you accidentally deleted all of your podcast episodes”

Recently, in attempt to lower hosting costs for our myriad of podcasts someone overwrote all of the Redacted Files episodes with the Firefly Podcast episodes. (It was me, Megan). Despite our best efforts, we’ve been unable to recover all of them. All hope is not lost though! We did recover 296/322 of them. Reposting each to Libsyn is a time consuming process that we’re unlikely to accomplish. So! We’re sharing a dropbox link with all of our recovered episodes. These episodes are named by release order, we’ll work on renaming them with their proper names over the coming months.

TRF has always been a labor of love and we really appreciate our listeners. I wish we could make everything available again, especially since some of them are favorites of mine. But this is where we’re at. Thanks for listening.

This is TRF, signing off.

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