304 System Neutral: Star Wars Force and Destiny

System Neutral is a project where we talk to GMs and players of other APs about our favorite game systems to discuss what we like, love, and could do without. 

We’re joined on this episode by Angela from Fandible, and GM of SoloShot! We talk about Fantasy Flight’s (now discontinued) Force and Destiny system. We recorded this in November of 2019, so please ignore anything we say about buying the system, or lack of discussion of Rise of Starwalker. 

Beauty Flow by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/5025-beauty-flow
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Sengai Jidai Interview with Dr. Joseph Carr

Aser, Jonn, and Megan chatted with Dr. Joseph Carr about his new game, Sengai Jidai: The Age of Thousand Realities! This game is inspired by the Sengoku period of Japanese history, It uses Fate, one of our favorite systems, to bring in a fractured reality, which means you’re just as likely to battle a cyborg as you are a kaiju. 

Sengai Jidai is live now on Kickstarter!

You can read more on the Sengai Jidai blog. Also check out Joseph’s other adventures: The Adventure of Salt and Sand, The Adventure of The Encounter at Farside, and Sidetrek: Mountain Locusts