News and Advice Round-Up

News and Advice

Cthulhu on Pluto
The New Horizons probe has made it to Pluto and started sending back pictures. So far no signs of the Mi-Go, but NASA has unofficially named one of the spots on Pluto’s surface Cthulhu. Whether or not this choice will lead to all of humanity’s demise is still unknown.



Roll20 Signs Monte Cook Games
Roll20 is now officially Monte Cook Game’s virtual gaming partner. This is pretty exciting news for those using Roll20 to play various Cypher System games. They’re integrating The Strange first, and you can currently get a Strange Starter Pack for free to help run your virtual games more smoothly. You can use this pack to do things like roll for Cyphers, play music tracks, and track XP with in Roll20. We haven’t tried Roll20 for our Cypher games since a grid isn’t necessary for the game, but this partnership is adding some great features that will improve your online gaming experience. You can also get specific modules for the adventures The Curious Case of Tom Mallard and The Dark Spiral.


Five Ways to Save Your Campaign from Summer
The summer can be very busy and with everyone’s busy schedules it can be hard to keep your weekly, or even bi-weekly games on track. Tribality has some advice on not letting these interruptions disrupt your game! We’ve had to skip some games this summer, but planning ahead and keeping a good calendar and everyone appraised has really helped us not miss too many sessions.






Things Worth Preparing
Every GM prepares for their sessions differently. However, things almost never go the way you think, which can throw all of your careful planning out the window. I also find a rigid plan for how the session much go is less enjoyable, players never enjoy being railroaded. But Sly Flourish has some great advice on what you should put time into prepping for your game.



How to Even GenCon: Advice from TheAngryGM
GenCon for the Cypher System Fan

Bundle of Holding/Gaming Deals

Fantasy Frontiers Bundle: A collection of Fantasy RPGs set in a wide variety of cultures including Native American, Indian, Viking, and Egyptian. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Ehdrigohr, the Native American setting, and the rest look intriguing as well.

Lost Lands BundleFrog God’s settings and adventures written for Pathfinder

Chaosium is having a sale on their classic PDFs, 25% off!

Looking for a Game?

We’re itching to try the Leverage RPG, and just need a few more players. We’re planning on trying for a Friday night. Interested? Email us at!

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