What’s Cool on Kickstarter: Numenera 2

I try to love all of the kickstarter projects I fund equally, but nothing is like a new release by Monte Cook Games. Numenera 2 is an expansion to my personal favorite RPG that enhances character creation and adds a means for your players to build a better future. Discovery and Destiny are looking like two beautiful books and a great continuation of the system. However, it’s not a second edition. Numenera: Discovery will replace the Numenera Corebook moving forward, but pretty much everything that’s been published will be 100% compatible. If you have a player at your table who only wants to use the original corebook for character creation, and one who only wants to use Numenera: Discovery, that’s ok! All of the supplemental books will be compatible, though both Character Options books will be retired to make room for all of the updates to character creation in Numenera 2.

I’m incredibly excited for this campaign. Not only will we get more then our value from pledging, the whole campaign is interactive in building a town as a community, and that community will become part of the Numenera 2 release in the Trilling Shard supplement. So if you want to be part of the Ninth World you should jump on board!

They’ve already reached their funding goal, and first stretch goal of Building Tomorrow, a supplement that will give you even more options for crafting materials, NPCs, and communities. The next goal is for an all new Player’s Guide, and then who knows! But I’m sure it will be wonderful.

The kickstarter is running until October 27, so head over and pledge now!

What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Tiny Dungeon 2e
Tiny Dungeon is releasing a second edition of it’s quick set-up and easy to run game. The game is simple, with a ton of options for setting, written by a list of amazing creators. I love how much the system is able to do with really simple mechanics. The micro-settings look like a lot of fun as well, I want to play in Marie Brennan’s setting as a dungeon dweller trying to keep waves of adventurers out of my home.

“Tiny Dungeon uses a simple, fast, and dynamic ruleset to handle actions. The game uses up to three six-sided dice as part of action resolution. If you roll a “5” or “6” on a die, your check succeeds. Most checks are made with two dice. However, if you are deemed to have “advantage” on a roll, you gain a third die to roll. If you have disadvantage, you lose a dice (rolling only a single die).

Characters are made quickly and easily. You will select a fantasy race (such as dwarf, salimar, goblin, human or more), three traits, and write down some basic information and you are ready to play!

Micro-settings are unique, small “example settings” specifically designed to be used as a tool, resource, or spring-board for your own campaigns. All of the micro-settings come with some story and some fluff that is designed to be unique to that particular micro-setting. The core book comes with some very different micro-settings, written by professional authors, industry veterans, and fans of the genre. ”
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What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Mighty Dice
Dog Might Games has another beautiful game accessory. The hero sleeves are small, well-built cases for you to store your favorite set of polyhedrals in. Need a new favorite set? They’re also selling all kinds of gorgeous new dice, including an amazing transparent rainbow striped set. Or you can get your reward with metal dice, if you like a more substantive sounding roll. The Bone Box stores five hero sleeves, but also can be used as a rolling tray. The acrylic screen can be used in the game as well, and there’s even a spot to store a dry erase marker. If you can’t afford the boxes, you should at least give yourself the chance to ogle all of the beautiful options.

“Our new Hero Sleeves and Bone Boxes offer all gamers a sturdy, sleek, and beautiful way to elevate your game. They are available in a number of exotic hardwoods and we will be releasing new woods and sculpts based on your feedback so visit our comments section and let your voice be heard.

All of our wooden boxes are made by our small group of passionate woodworkers in our shop in Ann Arbor, MI. and every piece that we make comes with our Lifetime Guarantee.

Our new Hero Sleeves are sleek and sturdy. Each side is cut from a solid piece of fine hardwood and lined with an aesthetically matched lining. The Hero Sleeve is held together with super strong neodymium magnets that keep it firmly closed for transport. Each one comes with one set of dice of your choice from the PEARL, SWIRL, or LAYERED styles.

The Bone Box is an all in one dice storage and rolling system. It features 5 individual Hero Sleeves, a rolling tray, dry erase marker storage, and a removable acrylic screen that you can write on. Each Bone Box is crafted in Black Walnut with Wenge banding and features a gorgeous sculpted lid.”
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What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Deluxe Constellation Dice
I’ve gotten my set of constellation dice in the mail and they’re gorgeous. I’m very excited to use my star fate dice for our current scifi campaign! But now there’s even more options. The Nebula finish is so beautiful, a dark blue with dots of silver that makes it look like the night sky. I wish I could just buy a set of fate dice in this new KS, but they’re all bundled in different ways. Reaching stretch goals is going to add more dice to your bundle!

“This will be a three weeks “deluxe” campaign (quality over quantity) as most rewards will also include the few left remaining glow-in-the-dark and “silver” painted dice announced on the last days (or after the end) of the original Constellation Dice – Voyager Edition campaign.
As you can see from the pictures, those turned out to be the best of the bunch… but very few people on Kickstarter had a chance to find out about them.

Being hand painted, the glowing dice (and the “silver” painted ones) are extremely detailed and worth the higher manufacturing cost. In consideration of this, this campaign will also offer a new “silver” painted version of the blue Voyager d10 couple (planets d10% / moons d10).

But there is more! 1000 Fudge/FATE Desired Constellation d6 will be reprinted in a translucent mixed color version (blue and black, with tiny silver glitter) resembling a night sky: the Nebula Desired Constellation d6.”
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What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

The Props of Nyarlathotep: New York and Kenya
Someday I hope to run Masks of Nyarlathotep, and I wish when I ran it I could have these gorgeous props. I’ve previously been very jealous of their Sedefkar Simulacrum props for Horror on the Orient Express, and this new set is just as perfect. The options of what to get include temporary tattoos of the bloody tongue sigil, a makeup prosthetic of the bloody tongue sigil, a fly whisk, Bloody Tongue statuette, and Mask of Hayama. If interested you can also pick up the props they created in a previous kickstarter for London and Cairo. I really love the temporary tattoos, I can just imagine reaching across the table to hand something to a player, and suddenly there’s a mark on my arm. Unsurprisingly, these props are expensive, but if you’re playing a game in person, then you should think about investing.

“If you intend to run a campaign or if you already played the Masks of Nyarlathotep, you probably already know why you are here. Maybe you will enjoy running it again with quality props, if you don’t and you intend to do it, you should be aware that their may be some SPOILERS AHEAD, but maybe you could be interested by doing it with your current keeper and tell him about our Kickstarter.

We wanted to propose some sculptures that could help Keepers to enhance the gaming experience. The Sculptures created have for most of them never been proposed before, but we mainly thought about what they could bring to the narrative. They are designed to help the keeper to move the story forward and to help the keeper to give to the vilains something memorable, that will trigger the investigators to fear them.”
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Numenera 2 Announcement from Monte Cook Games

Today at GenCon Monte Cook Games announced their next major product release, Numenera 2. Numenera 2 is composed of two new books, Discovery and Destiny. Discovery will be replacing the original corebook with some major changes to the character creation options. Destiny changes the focus of the game from exploring the past to building a better future. The books will be both backwards and forwards compatible with all existing Numenera releases, with the likely exception of the two Character Options books.

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What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Stars Without Number, Revised Edition
Stars Without Number has a really amazing set of rules to help you generate a sector of space without too much effort. We’ve used it to create in the past, and it’s really amazing. This revised edition expands that system, as well as expanding character options, ship options, psionic abilities and more. It’s 100% compatible with the previously released books, which is wonderful, and you can just add all of this new goodness to a current campaign. This is an incredible system and worth having on your shelf.

“Stars Without Number: Revised Edition is an expanded, refined, full-color revision of the original edition. It adds more character options, more hardware, more ships, and more psionic options- but expanding the mechanical breadth of the game is only part of the goal. Just as importantly, Stars Without Number: Revised Edition is crammed with new GM resources, with new world tags, new adventure creation tools, and new support for sci-fi sandbox adventuring. And all the while, I’ve kept to my original goals of portability and modularity, so that GMs who want to use different systems or different settings can lift out useful pieces and use them directly in their own home games.”
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Homebrew Monsters: Octopus Dragon and Mantis Dragon

While the bestiaries for Numenera, The Strange, and Cypher System have plenty of wonderful creatures for your players to encounter, sometimes you see something you know your players need to encounter during their adventures.

A dragon-like sea creature with blue rings, and spikes and 4 legs ending in claw, four ending in tentacles

Octopus Dragon (Level 7)

While it bears little relation to the intelligent octopodes that reside in the deep, the Octopus Dragon was named for it’s resemblance to them. A cunning predator, the Octopus Dragon camouflages itself to match it’s surroundings and ambushes it’s prey. An Octopus Dragon can breath air, but prefers the ocean, where it’s a more effective hunter. Octopodes despise any association with these relatively mindless predators and will pay handsomely to anyone who brings evidence of a successful kill.

Motive: Hungers for flesh
Environment: Anywhere in the Ocean, Solitary
Health: 35
Damage Inflicted: 8 points
Modifications: Stealth as Level 9, Speed Defense as Level 6 due to size
Movement: Short
Combat: The Octopus Dragon can make two attacks in a round, a bite attack, a claw attack, and/or grabbing with it’s tentacles. The bite attack is venomous and requires a Might Defense roll if the attack succeeds. On a failed roll, the victim becomes respiratory muscles begin to seize up, and breathing becomes difficult. They take an additional 2 points of Intellect Damage (then Might, then Speed) each round as oxygen struggles to make it to their brain. To stop the progress of the venom, someone must pass a level 6 heal check, assisting with false respiration.
The tentacle attack prevents the Octopus Dragon from moving, but allows it to grab onto a target, increasing the difficulty of avoiding it’s bite or claws by two levels. To avoid being grabbed, the adventurer must succeed on a Might Defense roll, level 7.
Interaction: The Octopus Dragon is not intelligent like the Octopodes it resembles. It cannot be reasoned with. Patient predators, they use their superior camouflage abilities to blend in the with terrain and attack when prey draws near.
Use: When a party is investigating something on the sea floor or in a coral reef, the Octopus Dragon might be laying in wait. They are drawn to numenera, or semi-precious jewels, and will kill to add them to their hoard.
Loot: Like most dragons, the Octopus Dragon keeps a hoard, usually in a nearby cave. While typically composed of pearls and shells, adventurers may also find several oddities, 2d20 abadis, 2-3 cyphers or even an artifact in the hoard. If time is taken, a careful explorer might be able to extract enough venom for three uses from the mouth of the Octopus Dragon.
GM Intrusion: The PC fails to realize that the Octopus Dragon has another limb that has been camouflaged, and it now uses it to attack the PC.

A dragon like creature with front arms like a preying mantis, and dragonfly like wings

Mantis Dragon (Level 6)

With a silhouette that shocks with its very wrongness, the Mantis Dragon is an enormous hybrid that is as deadly as it is frighteningly alluring . With their ability to enthrall prey, Mantis Dragons typically wait until their targets are too close to even contemplate escape before capturing them with their hypnotic hum and fluttering of wings. Many an unlucky explorer has been ripped apart by a Mantis Dragon’s powerful forelegs, dumbly smiling all the while.

Motive: Hungers for flesh
Environment: Grasslands, temperate and tropical climates, Solitary
Health: 28
Damage Inflicted: 6
Modifications: Stealth as Level 7, Perception as Level 7
Movement: Short, Long when flying
Combat: The Mantis Dragon has powerful forelegs that it uses to clasp and cut apart it’s prey. Once grasped in the strong forelegs, it’s a difficulty 8 Might Defense roll to escape. The Mantis Dragon does an additional 2 points of damage each round once it has a creature in it’s clutches.
The Mantis Dragon frequently mesmerizes it’s prays with it’s wings. As an action, the Mantis Dragon may spread it’s wings and move towards it’s prey in a slow rhythmic motion, emitting a low hum. Each creature in line of sight must make a Level 6 Intellect Defense roll or become mesmerized by the patterns in it’s wings and the sound it makes. On a failure, the targets are stunned and unable to take actions until the Mantis Dragon ceases it’s dance, or they suffer harm from an attack.
The Mantis Dragon can also bite it’s prey, though it’s preferred attack is to crush a victim in it’s forelegs.
Interaction: Mantis Dragons are predators, and cannot be reasoned with.
Use: The Mantis Dragon, blends into the surrounding environment, rather then tracking it’s prey. The party might venture into its territory and it sees a chance for a meal, or hunters in the region have reported the Mantis Dragon as a threat on their ability to hunt for food for their families.
Loot: Mantis Dragons hide their hoards well, and it will take some time to discover it’s location. The hoard typically consists of 2d20 shins, several oddities, and 2-3 cyphers, taken from previous meals.
GM Intrusion: While an adventurer is in its clasp, the Mantis Dragon takes to the air, and drops them. The adventurer has moments to try to stop their fall.

Images from Gomalemo on Tumblr

What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Spire RPG
I’m really interested in Spire, an RPG where you play as part of an ongoing revolution, fighting for freedom and against your oppressors. The worldbuilding that has been done for you looks incredible and I love their redesign of character classes. The game uses a d10 system and as the game continues your character will accrue stress, which can cause them trouble when their luck as a member of the resistance turns. I really think this game will be a meaningful one, and I can’t wait to play it.

“You are a dark elf. The touch of the sun burns your grey skin, and you hide from the light in twisting corridors, crumbling temples and the lawless undercity of the metropolis known as Spire. The high elves, rulers of the city, alien and capricious, allow you to live here as an underclass forced to beg for scraps.

Your religion, your culture, and your people are being destroyed all around you. You have seen your fathers, your mothers, your grandparents subjugated by the high elves, and you have had enough. You have joined the resistance: the ministry of Our Hidden Mistress, worshippers of a forbidden goddess. You have sworn in blood that the high elves will fall, that you will destroy them through subterfuge, and insurrection, and terror.

Spire offers players a chance to take part in a fantasy revolution, and to fight back against those who oppress you. Unlike many games, the monsters aren’t out in the wilderness; they’re living above you in obscene luxury, dominating your people in the aftermath of a brutal war. Spire tasks players with changing the city, whether for good or ill, and that’s how they gain experience and new abilities.

We’ve taken the common tropes of D&D (and other fantasy mainstays) and adjusted them to mesh with our own world, so while there’s plenty that’ll seem familiar to any seasoned roleplayer, there’ll be something in there to surprise everyone, too. ”
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What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

I haven’t had a chance to play a lot of 5e yet, but I really love it as a d20 system. Scrivened has previously adapted 5e for scifi games with Hyperlanes, and now they’re bringing it to the post-apocalypse. This is a complete reskinning of 5e, with new classes, vehicle rules, and converting the magic system to the same Gambit system they used in Hyperlanes. I’m really interested in seeing what Hellscapes does with both 5e and the post-apocalyptic setting.

“HELLSCAPES is the beaten and battered manual you need to run post-apocalyptic survival games. We’ve scavenged the noble bones of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, reworking its lightweight materials into twisted mechanics to serve our needs. We bastardize classes into those that suit the wastes, allowing for new and dangerous heroes to arise. We’ve repurposed the raw materials of Feats and Backgrounds to reflect the storylines of hardened scavengers. We recast Races into Origins, allowing you to customize tribes, mutations, and robotic enhancements to suit the hellish campaign settings you choose.

Need a game where society collapses as the dead rise to consume the living? Want to see how you’d fare against the unblinking gaze of robotic overlords? Hope to lead the uprising of a human resistance against alien conquerors? We’ve got the system for you.

HELLSCAPES includes all the post-apocalyptic baddies your DM needs to tear you limb from limb, leaving more food for those who remain. Just kidding, we’re sure you’ll make it tough guy.”
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