December Release Schedule

a square star fort, with a planet in the background. There's golden light pouring out of it.

What are we playing this month?

December 4, 2016Chronicles of Chronicles 3: Chronicle of Collateral Damage
The team try to make the best of their second do over by going straight for the jugular…literally.

December 11, 2016Chronicles of Chronicles 4: Chronicle of Betrayal
Having risked all and killed a lot of people to reach a point where they can undo the damage done by their nemesis, the team struggles to figure out exactly how that’s actually supposed to work.

December 18, 2016We Got This 1: We Got This
The 12th Elysian Drop Troops confidently approach the Star Fort Lycurgos on a heroic mission to retake it from secessionists and heretics.

December 25, 2016Christmas Special
We haven’t recorded this yet, but I expect it to be touching and thrilling, with a touch of silliness and a dash of explosives.

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