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There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

Dungeon Crawl Classics Scratch Off Holiday Module
We love playing holiday themed games at TRF, and I really love the creativeness of this new DCC module. The character’s can’t remember who they are and so you don’t know all of your information as the game begins. You have to use your scratch off character sheet to learn who and what you are. The adventure is also holiday themed, called Twilight of the Solstice. There’s not much time left for this, and it should be in your hands by the holidays, so order quickly!

“This Kickstarter funds the creation of a Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure module with a Christmas theme, which includes special scratch-off character sheets for play. Yes, just like the lottery! The adventure is thematically tied to the holiday season and is the perfect adventure to play over your holiday break! The character sheets tie into a specific mechanic described in the adventure, and will enhance the play experience significantly as the players “discover” their characters and recover lost memories by scratching off the appropriate squares.

The adventure module is 24 pages long, written by Marc Bruner with cover art and maps by Doug Kovacs, and interior illustrations by Cliff Kurowski, Doug Kovacs, and Stefan Poag. The module’s page size is 8.5″x11″. Each module includes 6 loose-leaf scratch-off character sheets, also measuring 8.5″x11″, illustrated by Stefan Poag.”

Impressions Cardinal Playing Cards
I got the first set of Impressions cards from MPC a few years back, and they’re pretty neat. The raised details make the cards really unique, and they’re very high quality. This version of the cards are black, with white and red for the suits, making them even more striking.

“Impressions Cardinal Edition Playing Cards is designed and manufactured by MakePlayingCards.com (MPC®), a renowned custom playing cards printing and manufacturing company. This is our fifth Kickstarter project. Following the monumental success of the Impressions playing cards series as from our previous projects, we are now introducing one of our favorite decks to date, another astounding deck of playing cards which we are very proud to add to the MPC Impressions series, the Cardinal Ed. playing cards.

The Cardinal deck is a continuation of the wildly successful Impressions playing cards series which saw the release of the Stealth Ed deck. Listening to all the feedback that we got from our previous backers and our customers, we created the cardinal deck where we use a very bold blood red and white to create the card face artwork applied onto the cards with a black background.”

Foldscope: The Origami Paper Microscope
Microscopes are some of the coolest pieces of equipment in the lab. They let you see the world on a whole new scale. And now there’s a super portable and affordable option. The Foldscope is a paper microscope, that you can fold at home, and only costs $20. This would be a great way for anyone to be able to experience the magic of seeing things on a microscopic scale for the first time.

“The Foldscope, a portable and versatile microscope made mostly out of paper (water-proof), magnifies the wonders of the microscopic world, without the bulk and expense of a conventional research microscope. Foldscope is designed to bring microscopy out of science laboratories and into the hands of people around the world.

Foldscope is a real microscope, with magnification and resolution sufficient for imaging live individual cells, cellular organelles, embryos, swimming bacteria and much more. Because the Foldscope is so affordable and can be used anywhere, it brings science to your daily life, whether that means looking at what’s growing in your flower pot or watching bacteria from your mouth or analysing the bee stinger that got your thumb. Our goal is to encourage and enable the curious explorer in each of us and make science happen anywhere, anytime.”

Ether Wars
Ether Wars has relaunched and paired up with Burning Games with a new and improved version. This game has over 50 custom dice, and has a SciFi theme, where you fight for control of the Ether with the other players.

“Ether Wars is a dice rolling game of worker-placement and area control in which two to four players with asymmetric powers fight for control of the Ether. It has been playtested in dozens of conventions and these have been the best-liked elements:
-Your troops are represented by custom dice; in total there are over 50 of them! You’ll have to place, move and roll your troops to fight for the Ether.
-It offers ample room for strategic-decision making. Will you raise a huge army, manipulate the board to surprise your opponents, hoard resources like there is no tomorrow, or just concentrate on obliterating your opponents? It’s up to you.
-It features a strong sci-fi theme: you are not just playing a game, you represent your species in a deadly contest for the Ether!
-MECHANICS: worker placement, resource management, area control, dice rolling AGES: 14+ PLAYTIME: 90 minutes NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 THEME: sci-fi.”

Tracking effects can be complicated to track in combat, and easy to forget about as well. Magitags help to track this, as little tags you place on top of your miniature to make it easy to see and remember. These are a really different take on effect tokens, and I think they could be really useful at your table.

“Magitags are colored acrylic tokens, engraved with symbols for your favorite spell effects. They’re designed to be highly functional, yet aesthetic complements to any tabletop RPG game, card game, or board game. With Magitags, we don’t just want to solve a problem. We want to create something that discerning gamers and avid tabletop RPG fans will recognize as a quality of life improvement for game masters and players alike. That’s the driving philosophy behind Magitags, and why we emphasized clarity, effectiveness and ease of use in the development process.”


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