April Schedule

Snowy entrance for Mountain Home AFB

What are we playing this month?

April 2, 2017 – Scary on the Choo-Choo 15: Devil Take the Hindmost
As the cold winds continue to blow through Trieste, the party heads to a cave to find answers.

April 9, 2017Beyond the Threshold 9: Like Cattle to the Slaughter
The team starts to investigate a secretive facility near Mountain Home, Idaho.

April 16, 2017Beyond the Threshold 10: Setting Charges
As horror sets in, the team tries to find a way to retreat without being caught.

April 23, 2017Beyond the Threshold 11: Behind the Hedges
Finally away from immediate danger, the team tries to get more intel from an unexpected source.

April 30, 2017Mysteries of the Ninth World 19: The Best Laid Plans…
The party needs to pull of a heist in order to get the information on their next step. However, reality keeps interrupting their perfect plans.

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