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There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

I wrote recently about FAITH’s starter set, A Garden in Hell. This core book expands the rules for FAITH, deepens the background for the world, and adds miniatures to your game. As always with Burning Games projects, the book is visually stunning. I’ve had the opportunity to look at some of the mock-ups for the core book and it will be a great addition to your gaming collection. I love that they will be expanding character options, and it’s really great to finally have the gear collected in a book, instead of just on cards. You can of course get the beautiful cards they’ve produced to go with the game in the kickstarter. I think FAITH is one of the more interesting SciFi settings to come out in recent years, and you should look at adding it to your collection.

“The FAITH campaign is one of valiant space travelers, remote uncharted stars and bizarre alien technology. But it’s also a realm of mysterious, invisible forces – the Gods and the outlandish, supernatural powers they grant to those mortals who believe in them. In FAITH, you can be a star explorer, a soldier, a scoundrel or a mystic believer, using a mix of technology, training and god-given powers to survive the untamed regions of wild space against rival factions, alien perils and ruthless bandits.

The book covers the rules and mechanics of the game, the setting and story of the universe, and everything in between. Beautifully illustrated, it will allow you to dive into a sci-fi setting with political intrigue, high octane action and strategical gameplay.”

Sensational: A Superpowered RPG
There’s a lot of different supers games out there, but I really like the conceit with this one: all of your powers are based on your emotions, limiting when you can use them. I really like that they add in apathy and stability as additional stats to track, when you see bad things your apathy gets higher, which prevents you from accessing your powers. On the other hand, high stability lets you use your powers for a longer amount of time. The game uses a d6 dice pool mechanic. I think this is a really interesting approach to having super powers and it’ll be interesting to try out.

“You’re a 19-year-old runaway in an unfamiliar city. You have superpowers–but you can only use them when you’re happy. So yeah… you might be screwed. Jump into a superhero RPG unlike any other, where your character’s powers can only be accessed through a specific emotion. Lift cars over your head, heal your friends, punch holes in the Moon, but only if you’re sad, or sickened, or surprised.”

Dust, Fog, and Glowing Embers
This game cites Bioshock and Fallout among it’s influences, which are some of my favorite video games. The game has a sort of steampunk feeling setting, where the characters are able to use alchemy to change themselves into different forms. It uses their own dice system, where you roll two dice, one representing the challenge and one the character’s abilities, and whatever die ends up higher wins. I think this world seems intriguing, maybe a little grimy, but one that I would want to explore.

“In Dust, Fog, and Glowing Embers, you enter a world at the cusp of its industrial age. You embody characters that have to face a world in which all kinds of strange physical laws apply. This is a science-fiction game, although from the perspective of a version of the proto-industrial past. Your characters are special because they have access to spagyric essences (plant-based alchemical substances that allow them to become as rarefied as mist, light fires by exuding sparks, or whip up dust storms to blind their enemies), which make them the perfect tool for unsavoury people to exploit.

This game uses the same the core dice mechanics as our previous game The Indie Hack, in which two dice are rolled, one Light, one Dark. The Dark Die represents the character’s prowess. The Light Die represents the challenge that the character faces. The highest result is the winner, with degrees of success based on the difference between the two dice results. Of course, you will add one of your three attributes, namely, Tough, Precise, or Clever, to your Dark Die result.”

The Lady and the Tiger
This is a bluffing game for 1-6 players, and I love the versatility in the rules. This makes it easy to play when you want, and it is even available for free to print and play if you want to try it out. The art is what really caught my eye for this kickstarter, the really bold blues and reds look beautiful. This is a game I can see having a lot of fun sitting and playing with Aser or with friends without much set up.

“In The Lady and the Tiger: Doors, players alternate between the role of Collector and Guesser. At the start of each round, you’ll be dealt one of the four identity cards: Red Lady, Red Tiger, Blue Lady, or Blue Tiger.

The Collector is trying to either collect cards to match their door card or outbluff their opponent. For example: If they’re the Blue Lady, they want to either collect four Blue cards or four Lady cards. The Guesser is trying to read the Collector; they score points by either correctly guessing their role, or calling their bluff and letting the deck run out. As soon as any player reaches 10 points, they win and the game is over!”

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