What’s Cool on Kickstarter

There’s many interesting items to be found on Kickstarter, but these are the coolest ones this week.

The Nightmare Gallery
The Nightmare Gallery is a horror movie written by Rob and Jhan of Orpheus Protocol (look for an interview with Rob later this week!). The movie follows a professor of anthropology who receives some cryptic messages that claim to be from a TA that went missing three years earlier, and the path that pushes her and her wife down. What’s really cool is that this professor is played by Amber Benson, aka Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of the goals of this movie is to develop a horror movie with fleshed out LGBTQ characters, and I’m really excited to see a movie that is really thoughtful about this. Plus if you’ve listened to Orpheus Protocol you know the horror is going to be amazing. It’s only $15 to get a digital copy of the movie, and you also get access to a lot of amazing additional material from Seraph Films, including a short film, your name in the credits, and an exclusive episode of Horror Haiku. This is a movie that I never knew was missing from my collection, and I can’t wait to see it!

“Amber Benson stars in The Nightmare Gallery as Professor Rand, an anthropology professor whose life is turned upside-down by the sudden, suspicious disappearance of a star pupil. But when a package of paranormal artifacts arrives on her doorstep three years later, the professor embarks on a nightmarish journey into mystery that will shake her and her wife to their cores. Through a terrifying, Lynchian lens, the film follows Professor Rand’s horrifying loss of self in pursuit of an extra-dimensional truth that could doom the world.”

Atlas Animalia
If you’ve played any D&D derivative game you’ve run into owlbears. But have you encountered a Panda Owlbear? This collection gives you a collection of your favorite D&D monsters with reskins to make them appropriate for a variety of environments. I really love this idea, and I think that pulling out a whole new version of an owlbear or hydra or treant is something that will surprise your players and make an encounter a little more fun. Plus this from the same people who did the adorable Baby Bestiaries, so you know it will be a great resource!

“Atlas Animalia is currently slated to being an 85-page hardcover book, featuring 20 unique beasts, and exploring 3 variants of each (4 if you count our version of the base creature). Each entry will dive deep into the creature, covering biology, hunting, and mating (perhaps even some rearing tips for the daring beastmaster). Best to think of it like an extended lore monster manual entry. For each of the variants, the book will cover the creature’s unique environmental adaptations in addition to local uses for the creature (being legendary myths or traditions that could tie into adventure hooks).

Much like the Baby Bestiary, the corebook is systemless, does not contain stats, and is not tied to any particular ruleset or setting. If you want stats for your respective system, we are creating companion PDFs, which are separate from the core book.”

The Tablebreaker d20
If you think bigger is better, then this d20 probably has a place at your home. Though I think it might be more appropriately used as a book end then a die, because I am really worried it might break your table. These dice are made out of aluminum, and come in two sizes, the Tablebreaker is a little over 4.5 inches tall and weighs almost 5 pounds, and the Tablebreaker mini is comparatively diminutive at two inches tall and almost 1.5 pounds. It comes in black, blue, and red with more colors available as stretch goals. If you really want to intimidate your players, or even your GM, you could pull out this die at the table though you should really make sure the table is sturdy first.

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