Review: Star Trek Adventures The Command Division Rulebook

Cover of the Command Division book shows toe command officers on a burning field

I’ve always wanted to be Captain Kirk. With the additional rules in the Star Trek Adventures ‘The Command Division’ rulebook, you can play the same cowboy diplomat. This addition to the Star Trek Adventures fills in lots of details of the department where everyone wants to serve. In addition, the number of vessels available for your campaign or one shot in the Federation is expanded.

One of the best parts of these additional rulebooks are the scenario suggestions for a specific department. The Command Division has all the story prompts you would expect, such as first contact, exploration, show the flag, diplomacy, etc. One thing Modiphus does is suggest Star Trek episodes that match some of the story lines they suggest to GM’s. This is handy.

My favorite part of The Command Division is the additional ships. They add a significant number of ships that span everything from the Enterprise era to post-The Next Generation. I’m grateful that they added so many ships. One of the neat details is that it is indicated when a ship has an emergency medical hologram. Voyager proved that the EMH is good addition to possible crew. It would have been nice if they had included floor plans for the starships. I had to keep going to the memory alpha website to figure out the appearance and layout.

The additional ships provided are motivation enough to purchase the Command Division. But, if you are planning any bottle episodes on board a ship, you are going to have to work at providing details.

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