Review: Star Trek Adventures Beta Quadrant Manual

Cover of the beta squadron book shows space ships around a planet

Modiphus has a new supplement to their ever growing Star Trek Adventures rules. The Beta Quadrant rule book contains additional species and ships missing from the core rulebook. Now, we have rules and information so we can play Klingons. In addition, there are more information on settings such as the Neutral Zone and Briar Patch.

One of the biggest disappointments of the core rule book was the omission of the Klingons. The Beta Quandrant fills this gaps with Klingon character creations rules, details on the operations of the Klingon Empire, and Klingon starship statistics.

The Klingons you are allowed to create appear to be the Next Generation Klingons. That’s fine and good if you just want to play in the TNG era. But, I’m a fan of the original series. I wanted to play as a Klingon augment, but there were no rules to address this aspect of the Klingon backstory. You are presented with a history of the Klingon empire. None of the Klingon history is going to be a surprise if you’re a fan and if you have seen all the shows and movies. But it’s nice to have the details spelled out.

Another nice detail is the addition of ships, including Klingon ships. It’s curious that the D7 Klingon battlecruiser was missing, but its predecessor the D5 was there and successor the K’T’inga cruiser was there. It’s like the persons who wrote this book never saw the original series. Like the other starships in the core rule book, the stats of a ship are specified by the systems group and department groups. You have rules to address the use of the Klingon use of cloaking devices.

In addition to the Klingons, there is information on the Romulans, Orions, and Gorns. The information on the Orions and Gorns is very light, so that leaves lots of room for customization. There are additional aliens to play but all from the Next Generation era.

If you’re interested in playing a Klingon in the Modiphus’ Star Trek universe, then you should get the Beta Quadrant manual. If you’re only interested in playing the Federation, then the Beta Quadrant manual is not a necessary purchase unless you are the GM.

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