TRF Updates

Hello everyone!

We wanted to keep you updated on some exciting projects the TRF crew is involved in.

  • TRF Excursions and Recursions: We’re adding a new feed to TRF, and we’re going to be alternating releasing on each feed on Sundays, which means we’ll have a weekly schedule debuting on February 22nd! We’ll add additional iTunes and RSS feeds in case you only want to listen to one stream, but hopefully you’ll enjoy all the episodes.
  • Lone Star Gamers: We’re excited to announce that the Lone Star Gamers will be joining our Excursions and Recursions feed! TRF regular Landan’s Pathfinder group will be founding a kingdom in Kingmaker.
  • City of Needles: Megan and Aser were invited to join in a Numenera campaign at City of Needles for a couple of sessions. We had a lot of fun playing a mad nano and, well, a bard that go back to a house we could have sworn was just a nightmare. Check out this campaign written as a serialized novel and follow @ProfTesla on Twitter!
  • Firefly Podcast: Aser has taken up the reins of GMing for a new podcast. TRF regulars Megan and Rob, as well as several fans from the community are involved in the only actual play podcast in the Firefly ‘verse, using the Firefly RPG system from Margaret Weis Productions, and a whole lot of Browncoat love goes into this. Check it out on Twitter at @FireflyPodcast
  • Patreon: We’re starting to put together a Patreon page to help us bring you a lot more content. We’ll be making an announcement soon, but we hope you’ll consider helping us entertain you!

-Megan and the TRF Crew


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