What’s Cool on Kickstarter

Numenera: The Strand
Numenera! Kickstarter! A movie! All things I love, and I really can’t wait to see the Ninth World brought to life in this short.

“A drifter/scavenger roams a desolate beach in the Ninth World looking for useful items and stumbles upon an artifact of the Numenera. This starts a chain of events that leads to an experience that changes the very essence of his being.”


Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table
A collection of comics about the times things just don’t work out in an adventure. I can’t wait to read it.

“‘Death Saves: Fallen Heroes of the Kitchen Table’ collects 16 all-new comic book stories about what happens when fantasy gaming characters run out of hit points. This book will be a 132 pages, full-color, perfect bound softcover printed in digest format (5.5″ x 7.75″) and features an original cover by artist Jared Morgan.”


Mt. Hood: The Oregon Pint Glass
I really want to get one of these for my dad – he collects pint glasses and grew up in Portland. But I want one too! They’re a bit pricier, but I think they’re beautiful and unique.

“In making The Oregon Pint, we’ve combined modern technology with the old world craft of blowing glass to make a beautiful and relevant new product. With our design concept in place we took USGS topographical data of Mt. Hood and converted it to a digital 3D model. We then made 3D prints of our designs for design evaluation and prototyping. Once we were satisfied with our design, we created molds for our first blown glass prototypes. With our design finalized, we’ve ordered our first production mold and are almost ready to start production.”


Binary Dice
I love dice and these are pretty cool. They’re a bit more then I want to spend on a pair of d6 though.


World of Darkness: Dark Eras Prestige Edition
A bunch of adventures set throughout the ages for nWoD. They look pretty intriguing and the book they’re planning is going to be gorgeous.

“nWoD Dark Eras starts out presenting a chapter for each of nine historical eras; one for each of the New World of Darkness game lines. The sections are written for the currently available edition of the game line, but they are designed to be usable with any edition. Each terrifying time period and location is examined through the supernatural creatures that dwell there”

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