TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 4, Firefly

On the Fourth Day of Christmas
My GM gave to me,
Four ships still flying,
Three Green Boxes,
Two Draculas,
and a Final Girl fleeing to safety.

Firefly podcast logo

Okay, this is a bit of a cheat. But much to Aser’s chagrin, it turns out the game he’s GMed the most is for our sister podcast: Firefly Podcast.

Seeking to duplicate the thrilling heroics and interpersonal dramas of a crew living on the edge using the Cortex Plus system, the Firefly RPG is among our favorite narrative-focused games out there.

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TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Aser is a visually impaired attorney and assistive technology instructor that started playing RPGs shortly before the podcast's founding. He ran our games of The Strange and Night's Black Agents, and is an advocate for accessibility in gaming. His gaming interests tend towards mythos horror, investigation, espionage, and military role-playing games.

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