TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 8, Numenèra

On the Eighth Day of Christmas
My GM gave to me,
Eight prior worlds,
Seven heroes slashing,
Six Fiascos foiled,
Five TPKS!
Four ships still flying,
Three Green Boxes,
Two Draculas,
and a Final Girl fleeing to safety.

A view of the Obelisk of the Water God with much of the landscape showing

The first game we decided to play after the podcast started, Numenèra has been one of our favorite systems since we created our first characters. We’ve run a whole campaign in the Ninth World since then, transitioning from a published adventure to a story of Megan’s own creation. In a real sense, our growth as a podcast can be tracked through this one line of episodes: from a single-track recording of our play through of Devil’s Spine through a multi-track recording of Megan’s own dungeons.

Finding the sort of sweet spot between rules light story gaming and tactical-focused adventuring that we find particularly appealing, Numenèra has brought us a world that is easy to dive into and provides wonderfully strange landscapes and technologies to explore at every turn.

List of our Numenèra Episodes
TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas

Aser is a visually impaired attorney and assistive technology instructor that started playing RPGs shortly before the podcast's founding. He ran our games of The Strange and Night's Black Agents, and is an advocate for accessibility in gaming. His gaming interests tend towards mythos horror, investigation, espionage, and military role-playing games.

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