TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 5, Ghouls

On the Fifth Day of Christmas
My GM gave to me,
Five meepin’ ghouls!
Four terror birds,
Three planetvores,
Two orks choppin’,
And dread Cthulhu dreaming ‘neath the sea.

A ghoul looks over at it's shoulder holding a bone

Ghouls are terrible smelling, corpse consuming monsters, but the way they talk is my favorite part. They belong to a lot of legends about beings living in graveyards, but that doesn’t always keep intrepid adventurers away. Nor are they bound to graveyards, as you’re likely to find them in many dark, out of the way places such as basements and the occasional decommissioned cruise ship. Weirdly, most of the ghouls we’ve encountered have been sympathetic, but maybe that just leaves a better chance for them to attack you in an unsuspecting moment.

Ghouls have shown up in Scary on the Choo-Choo, Old Gods of the North, Numenera, and Monophobia games.

TRF’s Twelve Days of Christmas

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